What are the advantages of folding modular house?

There are many types of houses in China, but now a new folding modular house has become a type of house that many people are willing to choose. Because it is a foldable house, it is more convenient to use in the process of transportation, especially after it is folded open, it reflects a larger space, which attracts many people to buy this kind of house. But what are the advantages to know before choosing to buy? Including the scope of use, different factors of price, and then choosing the approved manufacturer to buy.


What are the advantages of folding modular house?


1. Performance advantages


Folding modular house reflects the advantages of this kind of house in terms of closure, safety, windproof, waterproof, anti-corrosion, cold-proof, shock-proof, sound insulation and heat insulation, and repeated use. In particular, young people who want to seek an alternative life are more willing to improve their living environment and make their living more comfortable and safe through this kind of house.


2. Advantages of the low cost of use


The price of commercial housing in China’s cities is very expensive. Even if it is a county house, the price of a house is generally more than 500,000 yuan. If it is in a first-tier and second-tier city, the price of a house can easily exceed one million. So now people are willing to choose to use modular houses, plus it can be folded, which can reduce investment costs for buyers. Especially for this kind of house design, it chooses an aluminum alloy frame and stainless steel material, which can make consumers more satisfied in terms of durability and longevity.


3. Advantages of transportation and installation costs


Due to the folding structure, it can be compressed and shipped, which is relatively more convenient for transportation by sea, land, and air, which can reduce the cost of batch transportation. Because it belongs to manual, electric, mechanical, and a variety of operation modes, you can easily build a satisfactory house within a few minutes without on-site construction, so the cost can be greatly reduced, and the time can also be shortened.


4. Environmental advantages


CIMC Yang Zhou Base as a Modular Building manufacturer, the folding modular house produced from production to transportation, as well as installation and storage, will not have any wear and tear, nor will it generate any construction waste, nor will it occupy or destroy arable land. , is a safe, low-carbon, green, and environmentally friendly house, and it is also a house that modern young people are willing to choose.


What is the scope of use?


1. Large-scale field construction field operation room


China folding modular house is suitable for large-scale field construction. Due to the large number of people, this foldable house can meet the needs of workers. It covers a relatively small area, but after deployment, the space formed by it is relatively large, so it is more suitable for some large-scale operation houses such as field construction.


2. Post-disaster resettlement houses


When you cannot live in your own house due to different natural disasters, such as earthquakes, severe fires, mudslides, and other aspects that cannot live in your own house, you can choose to use this foldable house, because it can be quickly put in place, It can meet the housing problem of the disaster victims.


3. Temporary housing for tourists in tourist areas


Now there are many tourist areas in the wild. They pursue a kind of nature and are different. Like some tourist areas, they are also willing to satisfy the curiosity of tourists through this folding modular house, which can also increase the number of tourists. A lot of good things.


4. For family leisure and adventure


There are many families in better conditions now, so buying such a folding house will not bring financial burden to oneself. Especially for those who often go out for leisure adventures, they can also bring such a folding house directly, and install this folding house in the area they are exploring to get a good rest at any time.


What are the different factors that affect the price?


1. Material factors


If the folding modular house is different in terms of materials, it will also cause a certain gap in price. Therefore, when choosing to buy, in order to use it for a long time, try to choose better materials as much as possible.


2. Brand factor


When choosing to buy a folding home, if you choose a brand, it will also be much higher in terms of price. However, the brand has many advantages in many aspects, so in order to be more comfortable when living in, and not to have excessive formaldehyde, as well as other hazards, you must choose the brand through comparison, so as to make your living more satisfied.


3. Different area and different price


If you buy a house with a larger area, the price will be much higher than that of a smaller area. Because if the area is relatively large and more materials are used, the price will rise. Therefore, when choosing to buy, you should also choose the area that is suitable for your size according to your own needs.


China CIMC Yang Zhou Base as a folding modular house supplier, now more and more people come to buy a folding modular house because its space is relatively large, it is more convenient in the whole transportation, and the effect of the living environment is also Better. By comparing with other houses, whether in terms of cost performance or in terms of the living environment, we all think that this kind of house is also worth choosing.


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