Logistic Equipment Container

Brief Introduction

CIMC Yangzhou with two plants for the logistic equipment business, is the professional provider of compositive solution.

RYC – Focus on the ISO DC Container and Regular Special DC Container, the most trustworthy supplier of Trading Container Companies in Eastern China region.

TLC – Focus on the Special reefer container and Special DC container, started entering into the special reefer container business in Australia and Japan market since 1997. With more than 20 years of successful design, production technology experience, TLC becomes the expert of special reefer container field, and the products are distributed in other global area including North America and Europe, etc.

Product List

Refrigerated Shipping Container overview

Refrigerated Sea Container

Refrigerated Sea Container is an insulated container that mainly transports frozen food and can maintain a predetermined temperature. It is specially designed for transporting foods such as fish, meat, fresh fruits, vegetables and so on.


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Cold Storage Container

Cold Storage Container

User-friendly Cold Storage Container solutions are appropriate to temperature-controlled storage needs from (-40°C to +30°C) and in daily use in a whole range of cold chains for food from growers, processors and outlets as well as pharmaceutical and Bio- and Life Sciences industry.

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Super Freezer Container - 1 outlook

Super Freezer Container

(-60°C /-70°C for Covid-19 Vaccine)Due to the extremely low temperature inside, the super freezer which is also called ultra freezer is specially designed to be with higher insulation performance and structure strength, etc. Developed for the transport of valuable tuna, it has been identified several niche applications, in particular, dairy and pharmaceutical industries.

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military container

Military Container

The convenience, mobility, and recyclability of military containers in transportation provide more complete packaging for high-tech products. CIMC Yangzhou Base Military Container is mainly widely used in military products, logistics services, military factories, etc.

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offshore container

Offshore Container

Offshore Containers are manufactured and designed in accordance with DNV 2.7-1 / EN 12079 standards which covers a range from offshore CCUs, offshore reefer, basket, open-top, applications for Hazardous Area Zone 1& Zone 2.

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bulk container

Bulk Container

Bulk Container has been widely used in chemical, clean energy source, and other industries.

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