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Introduction of CIMC Yangzhou (TLC | RYC)

As holding subsidiary of China International Marine Containers (Group) Co., Ltd. (CIMC), CIMC Yangzhou (TLC | RYC) cover total area ​​of 400,000 square meters, total investment of 400 million yuan, 3,000 employees, and annual revenue of RMB 3 billion in year 2021.

CIMC Yangzhou (TLC | RYC) has provincial-level R&D center composed of more than 200 technical engineers, which can independently complete system-level drawing design, analysis, calculation and 3D modeling of various categories, and assist the customized design of full range products.

CIMC Yangzhou (TLC | RYC) are equipped with total 8 sets flexible production lines, with advanced production equipment such as digital pressing, laser cutting, robot automatic welding, automatic sand spraying and painting, etc., with the whole process production capacity from raw materials to finished products, comprehensive application of cloud remote system, etc. The new Internet of Things technology realizes digital operations such as WMS warehouse management system, MES production plan execution system, SAP financial management system, and AGV workshop logistics system.



Endow New Life to Traditional Containers

CIMC Yangzhou(TLC | RYC) owns ISO9001 quality management, ISO14001 environmental management, ISO45001 occupational health & safety management and other complete system certifications, as well as product certifications from internationally reputed third-party inspection agencies such as DNV, BV, LR, SGS, etc. The factory is equipped with a variety of laboratories and platforms, can independently carry out professional testing of structural strength, welding quality, air tightness, water tightness and so on.


CIMC Yangzhou Base(TLC | RYC) specializes in the design and production of various standard/special logistics equipment, cold chain equipment, containerized equipment integration, and modular buildings. It is the R&D and manufacturing base for special containers and innovative products of CIMC Group.

In the past 30 years of development, we have developed and improved single/combined cold storage containers, oil, and electricity dual drivable multimodal transportation reefer container, -70℃ vaccine logistic containers, offshore containers, self-unloading bulk containers, waste loading open-top containers, special containers which integrated with various equipment such as photovoltaic systems, wind energy systems, energy storage systems, and power generation systems, as well as permanent modular apartments, oilfield mining camps, and other competitive products.

All kinds of products are exported to countries all over the world, the finished key projects cover Europe, Australia, South Africa, Qatar, the United States, and other countries & regions, we also provide products and solutions for international large-scale projects: such as the United Nations peacekeeping camp, the Chinese Embassy in Somalia/Dominica, and Antarctic research station, as well as domestic photovoltaic, energy and semi-permanent construction fields.

Containers change the world, we change the containers! CIMC Yangzhou (TLC | RYC) is customer-centric and strivers-oriented, adheres to CIMC`s spirit of self-improvement & pursuit of excellence, We expect to closely cooperate with you, to become a reliable partner for clients in the area of logistic equipment, containerized integration and modular building.


Yangzhou CIMC Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park

Yangzhou CIMC Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park, invested by CIMC, is located in the state-level Yangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, adjacent to Yangzhou Port, with a total investment of 3 billion yuan and a total area of 452,000㎡. It is mainly committed to high-end new energy equipment manufacturing and new industrial modular construction.

The industrial park is planned according to the strict requirements of intelligent and green manufac­turing to mainly build industrial production lines of new energy equipment, wind power machinery, green buildings by using of innovative technology and advanced production equipment.

Industrial park will be constructed according to green factory regulations, to control carbon emis­sions & waste generation in the whole process, to promote economical production mode with assis­tance of 5G and digital cloud technologies, and further to make into a multi-billion level green man­ufacturing demonstration park and a high-end intelligent manufacturing benchmark park.

Industrial Park Concept Plan

Introduction of CIMC Group

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Containers Change the World, We Change Containers

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