Containerized Integration


● High customized solution
● High level integration
●Low labor cost
●Quick delivery
● Multimodal transportation
●Environmental protection and energy saving

containerized integration

Brief Introduction

Customized container to meet the installation of various equipment, and integrate buffering, noise reduction, exhaust system, control system etc., for better storage, transportation and operation.



  • High customized solution
  • High level integration
  • Low labor cost
  • Quick delivery
  • Multimodal transportation
  • Environmental protection and energy saving

Product List

solar container 3 1

Solar Container

Solar Container design can better adapt to all kinds of the application environment, improve product standardization design. Solar Container can also be called as Prefabricated cubical substation, Container substation, etc.

energy storage container 2 1

Energy Storage Container

Energy Storage Container is also called PCS container. Energy Storage Container integrated with full set of storage system inside including Fire suppression system, Module BMS, Rack, Battery unit, HVAC, DC panel, PCS.

svg equipment container 1 1

SVG Equipment Container

SVG Equipment Container is used in Photovoltaic/Wind power station, steel mill, high-speed station, etc to improve stability and capacity of power transmission.


battery swapping station 1 1

Battery Swapping Station

(New Energy Vehicle Containerized Power Station)
CIMC Yangzhou Base Battery Swapping Station is consists of several container modules, suitable with various brand new energy cars and battery systems, integrated with battery storage, battery charging, car moving, and internet communication system.

generator container 1 3

Generator Container

Generator Container can be opened at the front and back to facilitate daily maintenance and repair of the generator, engine, and radiator. If there is a need for major repairs, the machine can be easily taken out from either end of the container.

hydrogen container1 1

Hydrogen Container

Hydrogen Container meets the functions of convenient installation, strong adaptability and low construction cost of hydrogen container system.


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