Concrete Mixing Module

The Concrete Mixing Module/Concrete mixing plant container adopts a compact design concept, which greatly reduces the footprint of the entire equipment. The internal design greatly reduces the impact of dust, vibration, and noise on the surrounding environment, making it greener and environmentally friendly.


Concrete Mixing Module is combined by several containers, which equipped with mixer system and conveyor system, mix system is consist of electric&hydraulic drivers, mechanical gear reducers and foot mount configurations. Conveyor system is consist of accessible drives and belt tensioning system, the entire system can mix up to 400 compacted cubic meters of concrete per hour.

If you’ve been in the construction industry, you know how important it is to have a high-quality concrete mix for any project. Traditional mixing methods require a lot of space, time and labor, and are expensive and time consuming. This is where the concrete mixing plant container comes in. This innovative product provides a compact, efficient and reliable solution for all your concrete mixing needs.

A concrete mixing plant container is a container-based concrete mixing plant that combines multiple components into a single transportable unit. This module includes everything needed to produce high-quality concrete mixes, including mixers, batching systems, conveyor belts and other components. The modular design makes it easy to transport and install on any job site, and it can be customized to meet your specific needs.

CIMC Yangzhou Base Concrete Mixing Module Introduction


  • Easy to assemble plants modules with simple container twist locks
  • Efficiently transported – all Concrete Mixing Module is 40ft certified CSC shipping containers
  • Structure design to ensure long span rigidity without unnecessary weight penalties
  • Easy to clean and easy to service, Has the power to handle the most difficult materials
  • Excellent accuracy and proportioning of ingredients, Mix up to 400 compacted cubic meters of concrete per hour
  • Accessible and reliable drives and belt tensioning systems
  • Enclosed conveyor systems for dusty environments and/or cooled aggregates


  • Robust and sturdy construction
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Equipped with high-quality components
  • Can be customized according to specific requirements


  • Mixing and producing high-quality concrete
  • Suitable for different types of concrete, including lightweight, heavy-duty, and standard mixes
  • More efficient and cost-effective than traditional concrete plants
  • Reduces transportation costs and minimizes environmental impact


  1. Cost Savings
  • The compact design and easy assembly save on installation time and labor costs
  • Eliminates the need for a permanent concrete plant structure
  • Low-maintenance reduces operational costs
  1. Flexibility
  • Can be transported easily to various job sites
  • Customizable according to specific needs
  • Suitable for both short-term and long-term projects
  1. Quality Control
  • Precise measuring and mixing ensure consistent quality
  • Equipped with advanced technology to monitor and control the mixing process
  • Produces a range of high-quality concrete types



Features and Benefits of Concrete Mixing Modules

Concrete mixing modules have several features and benefits that set them apart from traditional concrete mixing methods.

compact design

The module’s container-based design makes it compact and easy to transport. It can be loaded onto a standard truck or trailer and taken to any job site. This design also means that the module takes up less space than a traditional mixing plant, making it ideal for smaller workplaces or areas with limited space.

modular structure

concrete mixing plant container means it can be easily customized to meet your specific needs. You can add or remove components as needed to create the system that best suits your project. This flexibility also means that the module can be easily upgraded or expanded as your needs change over time.

easy to use

The concrete mixing module is designed to be easy to use, even for those with limited experience in concrete mixing. The ingredient system and mixer are fully automatic, which means you don’t need to manually measure or mix ingredients. This automation also ensures consistent mixing and reduces the risk of error.

high quality mixing

Concrete mixing modules use advanced technology to ensure the highest quality mixes every time. The mixer is designed to produce a consistent mixture, and the dosing system ensures that the correct amount of each ingredient is used. This technology helps reduce waste and ensures that every mix is made to your exact specifications.


The concrete mixing module is a cost-effective concrete mixing solution. It can save you labor and equipment costs by eliminating the need for manual labor and reducing the amount of space required. Plus, the automated dosing system helps reduce waste, saving you money on materials.

Application of Concrete Mixing Module

Concrete mixing modules are suitable for a variety of construction projects including:

  • highways and roads
  • bridge
  • tunnel
  • buildings and structures
  • Airport
  • Dams and Reservoirs

The module can produce a wide range of concrete mixes including standard mixes, high strength mixes and specialty mixes. This flexibility makes it an excellent choice for any project requiring a high-quality concrete mix.
Installation and maintenance of concrete mixing module


Installation and maintenance of concrete mixing module

Installing and maintaining the concrete mixing modules is straightforward. The module can be easily transported to the job site, and the setup process is quick and easy. Once the module is set up, minimal maintenance is required to keep it running smoothly. Regular cleaning and inspection of components is all that is needed to keep your system running at peak efficiency.


Concrete Mixing Module Product Performance


High Quality Stirring Performance

Concrete Mixing Module is equipped with double horizontal shaft forced mixer, short stirring time, good mixing quality, for dry hard, half-day hard, plastic and various ratio concrete can be stirred.


Simple Operating Performance

The Concrete Mixing Module machine adopts computer control, which can be controlled automatically or manually. Live panel display allows the operator to clearly understand the operation of each component.


Precise Metering Performance

Whether it is aggregate, powder, or water agent metering and control elements, CIMC Yangzhou Base Mixing Module adopts imported components, microcomputer control. Sampling speed of over 120 times/sec, fully guaranteed accuracy and stable working performance.


Good Maintenance Performance

Concrete Mixing Module has a walkway or ladder for each maintenance and repair site, which is intuitive and has plenty of room for operation.


Industrial Design

The entire design process of Concrete Mixing Module combines ergonomics and aesthetics, making the machine beautiful appearance, reasonable structure layout, comfortable operation and easy maintenance.


Convenient Transitions

The overall structure is modular. Dosing machine, belt conveyor, stirring main building, screw conveyor and powder tank are independent structure.

Mixing main building consists of several separate modules. Disassembly, installation quickly, easy to transport and fast. Concrete Mixing Module is available in a variety of forms to suit the needs of different venues.


Excellent Environmental Performance

All powdered materials, from feeding, dosing, dosing, dosing to stirring unloading are carried out in a closed state. Floor mounted mixing platform and fully enclosed aggregate belt conveyor greatly reduce the pollution caused by dust and noise.


Control System

Concrete Mixing Module uses an industrial control computer, 1/O acquisition and high-precision weighing system to achieve automatic control of data acquisition and production by control software according to concrete production process and quality requirements, and record production data information in real time, using data management to query/print a variety of production reports.


Concrete Mixing Module Data Sheet


External Size 12192(L) x 2438(W) x 2896(H) mm
Tare Weight 6000 -8000 kg for each module
Roof Frame structure
Sidewall Partition or strengthening pillar & handrail
End wall T3.0mm SPA-H + strengthening pillar or handrail.
Floor Patterned steel floor or Grating
Mixer System Mixers are available with electric and hydraulic drives.

The power required depends upon the material type and throughput.

Mechanical gear reducers are available in both shaft to mount

foot mount configurations, with or without fluid couplings

Conveyor System Accessible and reliable drives and belt tensioning systems

Belt scrapers systems

which represent the latest in cleaning technology and maintenance

Structure design to ensure long span rigidity without unnecessary weight penalties


CIMC Yangzhou Base Concrete Mixing Module Service Details


Pre-sales service Technical and commercial consultant
Customized design and engineering
Return Policy/After-sales Service 1 year warranty for structure
3 years for painting
5 years for decal
Lead time 70 days after order confirmation
Transportation Method Ocean, Railway, Road
Freight and transportation period Confirmed according to specific destination
MOQ 1 set

Conclusion The Concrete Mixing Plant Container is an innovative and efficient solution for concrete production. It provides a cost-effective and flexible alternative to traditional concrete plants while delivering consistent quality. Its durable construction and customizable features make it an ideal choice for those seeking a reliable concrete mixing solution.

The outstanding concrete mixing plant container is a compact, efficient and reliable solution for all your concrete mixing needs. Its container-based design, modular construction and advanced technology make it a cost-effective and flexible solution for any construction project. With its high quality mixing, ease of operation and minimal maintenance requirements, concrete mixing modules are

We, CIMC container Yangzhou base is the subsidiary of China International Marine Containers (Group) Co, Ltd.(CIMC)

CIMC container Yangzhou is consit of 3 companies: TLC, RYC and Tailee, with more than 25 years` experience for container and innovative products` design and manufacturing. 

ISO standard/Special dry container, ISO standard/Special reefer container, containerized integration and modular buildings.

We have totally 400,000m2 factory area, and 8 flexible production lines
Annual capacity:  150,000 TEU ISO/Special containers,  20,000 units modules
Staffs: 2,500
Annual Revenue: 2 Billion(RMB)

Pls contact us through:
*  Inquiry module in our website
* E-Mail:
* Phones marked in the website contact page

We have standard product for ISO/Special container and Modular Buildings, we will reply you quickly with the quotation for such kind of product.

We also focus on the customized and both developed product,  the quotation will be sent after mutual discussion for detailed requirement.

We have various ISO and economical products, as well as the complex highly customized ones, the lead time is in range of 20 to 90 days, we will further discuss with you to confirm during both communication.

We have professional QC team to trace each production course and ensure the product quality from parts fabrication to final completion. We will provide the quality qualified document before delivery.

The third party inspection and certificates company could also be employeed as both agreement, we also welcome the client to send representative to visit our company for the course and final inspection before product delivery.

We locates besides local Yangzhou port, the products could be transported through local port to Shanghai port, then to final destination port allover the world.
If batch order, we can also deliver from the local port directly to destination port.

Besides the sea transportation,  road, railway even aircraft delivery is also available for part of the product and countries, we have professional logistic team to take charge of the service.

Standard product:    1 year for structure, 3 years for painting.

The customized product warranty will be discussed by both parties.

ClMC Yangzhou adheres to strict quality control and continuous innovation. With more than 20 years development, we attained ISO certifications, third party factory approvals, specific product & operator certificates, as well as various awards and patents issued by various levels of government and related associations.

ISO 9001
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 14001
ISO 45001
ISO 45001
ABS Certificate
ABS Certificate
CSS Certificate
CSS Certificate
LR Factory Certificate
LR Factory Certificate
RS Factory Certificate
RS Factory Certificate

CIMC Yangzhou operates full sets of self-contained production lines: Raw material treatment, parts cutting, punching and welding, general assembly, painting, decoration (for modular units). Total manufacturing area of more than 200,000 ㎡, annual capacity: 150,000 special containers / 20,000 modular units.

Big scale automatic production line for containers

containers pre treatment
containers pre treatment
containers cutting & punching
containers cutting & punching
containers parts welding
containers parts welding
containers general assembly
containers general assembly
containers robot welding
containers robot welding
containers automatic sanding and painting
containers automatic sanding and painting
containers storage yard
containers storage yard
containers storage yard
containers storage yard

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