Largest design and manufacturing base of logistic equipment container and modular building


● Member of China International Marine Containers(Group) Co., Ltd. (CIMC)
● 400,000 ㎡ total factory area  ,  200,000 TEU annual capacity  ,  25 Years’ Experience

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iso 9001
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iso 14001
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Latest Reviews

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What are the advantages of folding modular house?

There are many types of houses in China, but now a new folding modular house has become a type of house that many people are …

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The 20-foot freezer makes the delivery of fresh food and medicine more efficient!

When it comes to 20-foot refrigerators, in fact, most people do not understand this concept very well. But if it is actually a 20-foot container, …

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How to choose Efficient Shipping Containers?

There are many types of shipping containers, and shipping containers are also one of them. This kind of container is not only large but also …

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