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25mw photovoltaic energy storage 27.5mw30.14mwh solar storage integration project in yorkshire uk 1
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Container Producer: How Did The Containers Change The World?

The Economist says, “Without containers, there would be no globalization.” How does this seemingly ordinary invention affect the entire industrial chain and then promote the …

2. factory factory
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Who own the containers?container factory tell you

It is estimated that in 2017 alone, 1.83 billion tons of cargo were transported in containers, and global demand and supply continue to rise. In …

Tricon green
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What the container dealer knows: The weight limit of container

The weight limit of the container itself.   Each container has the maximum weight limit information on the opening door, such as MAX GROSS: 30480KGS. …

20’ hard open top container
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Container manufacturer tell you: Several knowledge about containers

1. HQ, GP, and Piggyback   High Cube Container generally refers to a 40-foot container, usually 40GP(general purpose) and 40HQ. The 45-foot container is generally …

Accommodation Container
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Questions And Answers About Accommodation Containers(2)

Q8. What are the advantages of flat pack accommodation container construction compared with traditional buildings?   Container modular construction: low cost, less than 30% than traditional …

flatpack container 13242
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Questions and Answers about Flat Pack Containers(1)

Q1. Application scenarios of flat pack containers   Container construction technology has begun to mature in the late 80’s and early 90’s. At present, container …

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