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What Items Are Not Suitable For Shipping With Bulk Sea Containers?

In maritime transport, the vast majority of cargo can be transported in containers. Suitable for container cargo is 12 categories, namely, telecommunication, instruments, small machinery, glass ceramics, handicrafts, printing and paper, medicine, tobacco and alcohol food, daily necessities, chemicals, needle textiles and small hardware. But some items are not suitable for shipping with bulk sea

How Much Do You Know About Container Parts?

A suitable container is inseparable from practical accessories. Accessories refer to the parts or components of the container assembly, which are mainly divided into two types: standard accessories and optional accessories. Although accessories are auxiliary parts, they play an essential role in container assembly. The main parts of the container are container corner fittings, container

Frequently Asked Questions of Modular Building

1. What is Modular Building? Modular Building is manufactured in a factory environment and transported to a pre-prepared project site for installation. All decorations have been completed when the module leaves the factory, including complete bathroom and kitchen facilities. Residents only need to add furniture in the Modular Building. 2. What are the benefits of

Cooling Method And Cold Consumption Of Freezer Shipping Container

In the history of the development of freezer shipping containers, there are five types of refrigeration methods: water ice refrigeration, dry ice refrigeration, freezing plate refrigeration, liquid nitrogen refrigeration and mechanical refrigeration. In addition, freezer shipping containers can also include jacketed reefer containers, modified atmosphere reefer containers, low-pressure reefer containers, liquid air reefer containers and liquid

Why Choose a Modular Building?

In recent years, modular buildings can be considered assembly technology in the construction field. The construction of houses mainly uses prefabricated modular components to assemble, which has the advantages of dexterous assembly and simple structure.   1. What Exactly Is a Modular Building?   A modular building is a process in which the building is

The Status And Suggestions Of Container Cold Chain Logistics

With the increase in demand for food production, transportation, and consumption, food loss in the circulation process is also increasing, and the product quality requirements are constantly improving. At this stage, refrigerated containers are recognized as the most suitable logistics equipment for the cold chain in the world. Therefore, solving the logistics service capacity of

How Many Types Of Containers Are There?

The container transportation business is expanding day by day. To meet the needs of loading different types of goods, different types of containers have appeared on the market. Today CIMC Yangzhou base will introduce the classification of containers.   1. Classified By Materials Used   According to the material used for the main parts of

Have You Mastered 28 Practical Container Knowledge?

1.What Do Large Cabinets, Small Cabinets, And Double Backs Mean?   A large container generally refers to a 40-foot container, usually 40GP and 40HQ. The 45-foot container is generally considered to be a particular container. A small container generally refers to a 20-foot container, usually 20GP. Double back refers to two 20-foot cabinets. For example,

Mud Logging Set With Power Unit Certificated By DNV

CIMC Yangzhou base is developing a complete mud logging set for oil and gas logging, to provide cable logging services for land and offshore fields, specialized in the hazardous flammable and explosive areas. It has two parts, one unit of positive pressure explosion-proof, one unit with explosion-proof power gen-set, and a hydraulic system. The complete

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