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What You Should Know About Durable Reefer Sea Container

Introduce   The basic types of refrigerated containers include thermal insulation containers, external refrigerated containers, built-in refrigerated containers, liquid nitrogen and dry ice refrigerated containers, and freezer plate refrigerated containers. A durable reefer sea container refers to a special container with good heat insulation and a certain low temperature requirement, which is suitable for the

Solutions to SVG Dust And Moisture Problems In New Energy Power Plants

SVG dust and moisture problem overview   1.Severity of dust accumulation   Many early new energy power plants, such as wind farms and photovoltaic power plants, were equipped with air-cooled SVG. This device can quickly and continuously provide capacitive and inductive reactive power, achieve proper voltage and reactive power control, and ensure stable, efficient and

Points To Note For High Performance Special Reefer Container

Mobile Refrigeration Overview   “Mobile refrigeration”, as the name suggests, refers to the equipment in the circulation link in the food cold chain, including refrigerated trucks, refrigerated ships, refrigerated containers and high performance special reefer containers. There are two modes of transportation for refrigerated transport ships, one is traditional refrigerated ship transportation, and the other

Detailed Explanation Of Prefabricated Cubical Substation

Introduce   The latest design prefabricated cubical substation aims at “saving time, land, worry and money”, and according to the concept of “standardized design, factory prefabrication, and integrated construction”, it has realized the mode of substation from “construction” to “procurement” change. It can be widely used in the construction of power grid substations, new energy

Design And Process Technology Of Prefabricated Cabin Substations

With the increase of the aging population and the gradual shortage of labor, traditional construction methods are no longer suitable for the needs of the development of the times, while modular and prefabricated models best meet the connotation requirements of construction industrialization. Prefabricated cabin substations have the advantages of few on-site operations, high construction safety,

Container House Assembly Methods Are Diversified

Ⅰ. Introduce   The advancement of science and technology has made today’s life faster and more convenient. Clothing, food, housing, and transportation are now even more convenient. It is precisely because of the high efficiency of container construction that it has become a new favorite in the construction industry. The popular prefab clinic also came

Trends in energy storage containers

Development Background   With the increasing demand for electricity in modern society, the traditional power storage system can no longer meet the needs of social work, life, emergency and so on. For example, in the case of high-load operation, the problem of insufficient power supply capacity of the power supply transformer leads to staggering power

Tips for using containers

The composition of the container   Container refers to a large loading container with a certain strength, rigidity, and specifications for turnover. container factory There are many types of containers, and their uses are also very different. A container, also known as a cargo box or a container, is a box of freight equipment that

Learn about different containers

 Introduce   We can easily see a large number of containers at ports and docks, and I believe everyone is familiar with them, which are loaded with goods from all over the country and even around the world. This Logistic Equipment Container is a large loading container with certain strength, rigidity and specifications for turnover.  

Dry goods: container factory China knowledge popularization

Logistic Equipment Container is an industry that has been around for over half a century. Since the beginning of container factory China export, the container shipping industry has become one of the most important industries in China. The development of container transportation mainly includes three aspects: 1) How to design container transportation. 2) How to

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