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Container Producer: How Did The Containers Change The World?

The Economist says, “Without containers, there would be no globalization.” How does this seemingly ordinary invention affect the entire industrial chain and then promote the process of globalization?   The global supply chain of Barbie dolls   Barbie is considered a genuine American girl, but she has never been in reality. When she was invented in 1959,

Who own the containers?container factory tell you

It is estimated that in 2017 alone, 1.83 billion tons of cargo were transported in containers, and global demand and supply continue to rise. In view of this, we often see mountains of containers in storage yards and facilities, as well as on ships and transportation vehicles such as trains and trucks. A common question

What the container dealer knows: The weight limit of container

The weight limit of the container itself.   Each container has the maximum weight limit information on the opening door, such as MAX GROSS: 30480KGS. It means that your box and the cargo cannot exceed this weight. Tare weight-20GP: 2200KGS, 40: 3.720-4200KGS, some HQ will have MAX GROSS: 32000KGS.   This is the maximum strength

Container manufacturer tell you: Several knowledge about containers

1. HQ, GP, and Piggyback   High Cube Container generally refers to a 40-foot container, usually 40GP(general purpose) and 40HQ. The 45-foot container is generally considered to be a special container. General purpose generally refers to a 20-foot container, usually 20GP. Piggyback refers to two small containers of 20 feet each. For example, a trailer

Questions And Answers About Accommodation Containers(2)

Q8. What are the advantages of flat pack accommodation container construction compared with traditional buildings?   Container modular construction: low cost, less than 30% than traditional construction; The degree of factory prefabrication is over 80%, which reduces construction and decoration waste by about 99% compared with traditional construction methods; Modular splicing construction, fast, short construction period,

Questions and Answers about Flat Pack Containers(1)

Q1. Application scenarios of flat pack containers   Container construction technology has begun to mature in the late 80’s and early 90’s. At present, container buildings are mostly used in various popular buildings such as commercial streets, office roads, hotel and guesthouse exhibition halls, sales offices, and so on. As a new styling tool and

Different Types of Containers: Size, Classification and Maximum Load

Today let’s talk about the types of containers that are adopted in international logistics. There are various types of containers used for shipping. We transport all kinds of goods such as food, industrial products, and daily chemicals all over the world. Therefore, we must choose the most suitable container for each type of cargo transportation.

Application Advantages, Classification And Operation Of Container Substations

1. Advanced technology, safety, and reliability. The container substation body adopts the current domestic leading technology and craftsmanship. The outer shell is generally made of galvanized steel plate. The frame adopts standard container materials and manufacturing techniques.   It has superb anti-corrosion performance and could keep corrosion at bay for 20 years. The inner sealing

Introduction To Pre-Made Container Homes

1 Pre-Made Container Homes Definition   Pre-made container homes build units based on a standard container, combining them with a regular building function. According to its mobility characteristics, it is possible not only by transport but also during transport does not affect the internal use of container dwellings. The architectural design should comply with module

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