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The open side container/side open container/Curtain side container has strong weather resistance, good acid, alkali, salt spray, and other corrosion resistance, and is suitable for use in various humid and corrosive environments. It has the characteristics of waterproof, sound insulation, heat preservation, sealing, easy to clean, easy to maintain, and beautiful appearance.


There are 3 types of Open Side Containers, Full Side Doors, Partial Side Doors, and Single Side Doors. The first two are mostly designed for goods in and out, and the third is mostly designed for entry and exit personnel.


When it comes to shipping containers, there are several different options to choose from. One of the most popular types is the side open container. This style of container has many advantages that other types do not have, which is why more and more people choose to buy it.


As an open side container in a logistic equipment container, it is also called an open top container and an open top cabinet. This kind of container does not have a rigid roof but has a canopy made of canvas, plastic sheeting, or plastic-coated cloth supported by a foldable top beam. The top is covered with a waterproof cloth during shipment. Load and unload cargo on the top of the box. It is suitable for loading tall and large objects and heavy objects that need to be hoisted, such as glass plates, etc.


CIMC Yangzhou Base Open Side Container  (standard size)  Introduction


  • Full side access
  • Rear and Side door opening at 90 or 180 degrees


Open Side Container Functional Design


Single door: the use of general design, to meet the basic functions.

Multiple doors: meet the basic switching function, to ensure the user under normal conditions convenient operation, and has sealed waterproof performance.


Single door Open Side Container, usually in the form of a standard box door structure, including internal and external door adhesive strips, as long as the sealing function can meet the requirements.


CIMC Yangzhou Base Open Side Container uses an end sealing strip that facilitates the opening and closing of doors, especially doors opened from within. Face sealing facilitates easy operation and the inner strip can be used in all shapes.


For the connection of multiple doors, the reliability and support function of the connection between the doors must be considered, and the convenience of switching operation must be ensured, the difficulty of switching is reduced, and the work efficiency is improved.


Open side container is well sealed and waterproof, and the upper end of the side door is provided with a canopy, which enhances the waterproof performance.


Open side container is primarily used for road transport, with fully open side doors, allowing cargo to enter and exit from the side, and can also be loaded and unloaded directly with a forklift to reduce damage to the box during transport.


20′ Open Side Container Data Sheet


External Size 6058(L) x 2438(W) x 2896(H) mm
Internal Size 5898(L) x 2288(W) x 2299(H) mm
Rear Door Opening 2227(W) x 2169(H)
Side Door Opening 5846(W) x 2154(H)
Internal Cubic Capacity 31 CU.M
Maximum Gross Weight 30480 KGS
Tare Weight 3140 KGS
Maximum Payload 27340 KGS
Stacking Test Load ( Per Post) 86400 KGS


40′ Open Side Container Data Sheet


External Size 12192(L) x 2438(W) x 2896(H) mm
Internal Size 12032(L) x 2288(W) x 2299(H) mm
Rear Door Opening 2226(W) x 2320(H)
Side Door Opening 11836(W) x 2300(H)
Internal Cubic Capacity 67.4 CU.M
Maximum Gross Weight 24000 KGS
Tare Weight 5170 KGS
Maximum Payload 18830 KGS
Stacking Test Load ( Per Post) 86400 KGS


CIMC Yangzhou Base  Open Side Container  (12′) Introduction


  • 12′ Open Side Container supports size customization and is economical and convenient to handle, transport or store.
  • Doors on the side or at the end for easy loading and unloading.
  • Various lashing methods: lashing strips, floor-embedded lashing rings, column lashing rods, side lashing rings.
  • 12′ Open Side Container can couple the unit through a connector to save shipping costs.
  • CSC certification.


The benefits of open side containers


  • side open container has some advantages and additional functions that other styles do not have.
  • One benefit is that they are stackable, which means you can stack them on top of each other to make more storage space. Another great benefit is their versatility, as they are the only shipping containers with side doors.
  • These doors allow for easy loading and unloading from both ends, and can even be loaded and unloaded through the doors if required. The fact that it doesn’t matter which end needs to be open also means that there isn’t any wasted space in the middle of the container when loading.
  • Another benefit of the side open container is that it allows forklifts to easily load and unload goods. This means that companies with forklifts are more likely to buy this container type, as it is the only one that makes sense when it comes to loading and unloading.
  • The main advantage of open-side containers is that they can accommodate oversized equipment.
  • Another advantage of open sided containers is that the amount of space can be utilized to the maximum
  • Besides, boxing and unboxing is faster than other types of containers.
  • Unlike other standard containers, larger sized goods can be easily loaded into side opening containers.
  • Another benefit of side-opening containers is that cargo sorting can be easily done without unloading everything inside the container.
  • Entrance for Oversized Items—Side-opening shipping containers with larger doors provide sufficient space for oversized items that cannot pass through the container’s regular doors. This increases the number of items you can transport and store using these metal boxes.
  • Better access to stored items: Since shipping containers are loaded from the back to the front, accessing the items that were loaded first will require you to remove the items at the front to get to them. With side-opening containers, the cargo loaded first does not have to come out last, making retrieving items fast and efficient.
  • Better utilization of containers – side doors also help to improve the utilization of the container, as the container can be divided into two or more parts to serve as multiple cafes, shops, or offices.


Open side containers have two sets of double doors on the long sides. Such two doors are arranged to open the entire length of the container, giving full access to the container for loading and unloading. However, in special cases, three-door open-side containers are also manufactured to facilitate customers to meet their requirements. Side doors are manufactured to open 8ft or 20ft openings for 20ft containers upon request.


A side open container has a door on one of the long sides of the container. This type of door arrangement allows the forklift to be used sideways as it can drive into the container and then load or unload the cargo from either end. It also means that people can quickly load and unload this type of container.


 Features of side open container


  • High-quality steel structure, providing the toughness and durability you expect from a shipping container
  • Water seals on all doors to keep cargo interior dry and pest free
  • Sturdy marine quality timber floors
  • Standard door with full opening of 270 degrees
  • Large side door for easy access and loading of bulky items


Companies that need to ship items frequently can also benefit from using side open containers. For example, UPS and other shipping lines will load and unload cargo faster than using conventional containers. There is also no wasted space when removing items from this type of storage container, unlike other styles.


Construction firms can also use these containers to store tools and equipment or as temporary offices. These work best on construction sites where many different people come and go throughout the day.


Another widespread use is the transport of goods across seas by ship or truck. These containers can be loaded on ships or trucks and can be filled from the side, making loading quicker and easier.


Even at home, this storage container has a purpose. For example, these can be used as sheds to store backyard equipment. You need to have enough space for your container, but if you do, it can be a great place to store any kind of lawn care equipment or outdoor tools.


Open side container size


1.20 feet

  • One of the most common sizes is the 20ft long container.
  • The size of this container with side opening doors is usually about 20 feet long x 8 feet wide x 8 feet 6 inches high (this is usually a standard height).
  • One of the advantages of this size is that it has a modest weight capacity of 28 tons or 56,000 lbs.


2.40 feet

  • The full side opening container is a 40 feet long side opening container. It is similar in size to its smaller counterpart but differs in length, with a total length of 40 feet.
  • A side-opening sea container of this size has a load capacity of 29 tons, which equates to 58,000 pounds.


20′ and 40′ side open containers are usually available. 40-foot-high cube open-side containers can also be provided according to customer needs. Open side containers also come in tall cubes, which add a foot to their height compared to regular-sized shipping containers. For example, they measure 9’6″ inside instead of 8’6″. The extra headroom comes in handy if you need to load or store super tall items.


Open container doors are made of flat steel rather than heavier corrugated steel and are suitable for storage because the doors open and close periodically. A safety lock box above the padlock provides better protection. Rubber seals fitted to each door opening help prevent water or moisture from entering the container.


On request we can also install container fittings


  • Tornado Bird
  • Ventilation holes to prevent condensation inside the container
  • Container ramp, stable and easy loading
  • Heavy-duty shelves are ideal for cargo storage
  • Security lock box

The options we offer are endless. We will add any accessories you need to make the container suitable for its intended use.


Open side container can be used for many purposes


  • Storage: The Curtain side container is ideal for on-site storage as it provides a wider opening to store bulky items, while easy access to items makes organizing, storing, and retrieving items a quick and easy task. This, combined with strong and secure shipping containers, make for the perfect storage facility.
  • Transportation: With all the features of ordinary containers and the added advantage of side-opening doors, side-opening containers are ideal for transporting both general and bulky cargo. Side doors provide better options for loading and unloading.

Open Side Container  (12′) Data Sheet


External Size 3658(L) x 2438(W) x 2591(H) mm
Internal Size 3590(L) x 2318(W) x 2366(H) mm
Tare Weight 1700 kg
Roof T2.0mm~2.3mm Corrugation panel
Sidewall T2.0mm~2.3mm Corrugation panel
End wall T2.0mm~2.3mm Corrugation panel
Floor T20mm plywood/ T28mm plywood/ T4.5 steel floor
Door ISO door
Optional fixtures External Size can be customized.
The door on both sides or ends.
Internal Lashing strips.
Floor recessed lashing rings.
Internal Lining.


We, CIMC container Yangzhou base is the subsidiary of China International Marine Containers (Group) Co, Ltd.(CIMC)

CIMC container Yangzhou is consit of 3 companies: TLC, RYC and Tailee, with more than 25 years` experience for container and innovative products` design and manufacturing. 

ISO standard/Special dry container, ISO standard/Special reefer container, containerized integration and modular buildings.

We have totally 400,000m2 factory area, and 8 flexible production lines
Annual capacity:  150,000 TEU ISO/Special containers,  20,000 units modules
Staffs: 2,500
Annual Revenue: 2 Billion(RMB)

Pls contact us through:
*  Inquiry module in our website
* E-Mail:
* Phones marked in the website contact page

We have standard product for ISO/Special container and Modular Buildings, we will reply you quickly with the quotation for such kind of product.

We also focus on the customized and both developed product,  the quotation will be sent after mutual discussion for detailed requirement.

We have various ISO and economical products, as well as the complex highly customized ones, the lead time is in range of 20 to 90 days, we will further discuss with you to confirm during both communication.

We have professional QC team to trace each production course and ensure the product quality from parts fabrication to final completion. We will provide the quality qualified document before delivery.

The third party inspection and certificates company could also be employeed as both agreement, we also welcome the client to send representative to visit our company for the course and final inspection before product delivery.

We locates besides local Yangzhou port, the products could be transported through local port to Shanghai port, then to final destination port allover the world.
If batch order, we can also deliver from the local port directly to destination port.

Besides the sea transportation,  road, railway even aircraft delivery is also available for part of the product and countries, we have professional logistic team to take charge of the service.

Standard product:    1 year for structure, 3 years for painting.

The customized product warranty will be discussed by both parties.

ClMC Yangzhou adheres to strict quality control and continuous innovation. With more than 20 years development, we attained ISO certifications, third party factory approvals, specific product & operator certificates, as well as various awards and patents issued by various levels of government and related associations.

ISO 9001
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 14001
ISO 45001
ISO 45001
ABS Certificate
ABS Certificate
CSS Certificate
CSS Certificate
LR Factory Certificate
LR Factory Certificate
RS Factory Certificate
RS Factory Certificate

CIMC Yangzhou operates full sets of self-contained production lines: Raw material treatment, parts cutting, punching and welding, general assembly, painting, decoration (for modular units). Total manufacturing area of more than 200,000 ㎡, annual capacity: 150,000 special containers / 20,000 modular units.

Big scale automatic production line for containers

containers pre treatment
containers pre treatment
containers cutting & punching
containers cutting & punching
containers parts welding
containers parts welding
containers general assembly
containers general assembly
containers robot welding
containers robot welding
containers automatic sanding and painting
containers automatic sanding and painting
containers storage yard
containers storage yard
containers storage yard
containers storage yard

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