Container Booth

Container booth is a special design transformable container module, both side panels can be opened to expand the area, it`s usually used for retail shop, exhibition, event etc purpose,  the insulation, electrical system, and second-floor platform can be added as options. Container booth can also be called expandable booth, container retail shop, expandable bar, expandable container homes, etc.


Containers are usually well known as a means of transportation, and now as a construction material, Container Booth is also welcomed by designers and customers.

The various shapes and architectural styles of Container Booth are eye-catching, injecting new elements and vitality into traditional buildings.

The reason why Container Booth has become more and more popular is that it is a recyclable green environmental protection project, which can be moved and reused, and is currently the best choice for energy saving and environmental protection in shops.

Container Booth is a fast-built Modular Building, which is welded from light steel structure to a changeable shape design that distinguishes it from ordinary shops.


CIMC Yangzhou Base Container Booth Introduction


  • Container Booth innovative design single/double-sided extension
  • ISO 20’ container transportation, the user space is more than 2 times larger
  • Stable manual operation, precise double winch/link structure
  • Exquisite lining, invisible electrical system with customized lighting
  • Container Booth can additionally choose umbrellas, furniture, second-floor platforms, and stairs



Container Booth Application Scenarios


1. Large-scale commercial plaza supporting facilities

In some mature commercial plazas, the number of shops has already taken shape, and it is impossible to add new shops. However, there are many business opportunities that need to be grafted in the later period. At this time, you can choose Container Booth.


2. Special container commercial plaza

Compared with the traditional commercial plaza, the container commercial plaza has many advantages, simple approval, and a quick construction period. Container Booth can be used temporarily and can be adjusted at will according to policies and the market later.


3. Temporary shops

Some large-scale competition venues and the surrounding areas of scenic spots can use Container Booth as temporary supporting facilities to meet the needs of the audience, such as gourmet snacks, drinks, shops, newsstands, receptions, retail shop, wine bar, barbecue stall, exhibition spot, etc.


4. Staged stores

When temporarily selling certain seasonal or limited products in scenic spots, communities, squares, pedestrian streets, stations, and other places, you can choose Container Booth. Because Container Booth has flexible mobility characteristics.


Container Booth Design Ideas


Different customers have different needs. Some are used for food delivery, some are used for food in restaurants, and some are used for department store retail.

When CIMC Yangzhou Base is designing the Container Booth, it will also carry out the layout of the frame and the setting of the circuit according to the detailed needs of the customer. Whether it is multi-box splicing or single-box design, Container Booth has its own unique shape and design.

In terms of appearance, we will also design suitable appearance colors and brand logos according to customers’ usage scenarios. When Container Booth is delivered to the customer, it is complete work.

For interior decoration, we will also formulate different decoration plans according to the specific use environment, and solve all the problems of Container Booth in one stop.


Container Booth Service Process


  1. Professional docking, clarify your specific needs for customizing Container Booth
  2. Provide professional design solutions according to your requirements
  3. Determine the plan and quotation
  4. Sign the contract
  5. Deepen the design
  6. Processing and producing Container Booth
  7. Logistics distribution
  8. Formal Container Booth installation instructions
  9. Provide efficient after-sales service



Made of high-quality steel to withstand harsh weather and heavy use. The structure consists of one or more containers stacked, providing ample space for a variety of applications. The product has several attributes that make it a top choice for businesses and organizations. These include durability, portability, flexibility, customization and affordability.




One of the main functions is to provide shelter and space for different events and activities. Its modular design makes it easy to install and disassemble, enabling users to tailor the structure to their specific needs. This product can be used as a temporary office, storage room, pop-up store, or even a restaurant. The options are endless, it’s all up to the creativity of the user.




Container booths offer several advantages over traditional structures. For example, it is more cost-effective, faster to deploy and easier to transport. The product is also environmentally friendly as it is made from recycled steel and requires less energy to produce. Plus, booths can be easily relocated or repurposed, making them a more sustainable option. Businesses and organizations can save money and reduce their carbon footprint by investing in container booths.




There are many applications in various industries. For example, construction companies can use them as site offices, storage rooms or restrooms. Event management companies can use them as ticket booths, merchandise booths, catering units or VIP lounges. Retailers can use them as pop-up shops or showrooms. The product is versatile and can be adapted for a variety of purposes, making it a valuable investment for any business.


In conclusion, Container Booth is an innovative product that changes the way businesses and organizations operate. Its durability, portability, flexibility, customization and affordability make it the first choice in many industries. The product’s advantages over conventional structures, such as cost-effectiveness, sustainability and ease of relocation, make it an attractive option for anyone looking for a portable and adaptable facility. Container booths are an excellent investment for businesses looking to save money and reduce their carbon footprint while maintaining high quality standards.

CIMC Yangzhou Base provides you with design, production, and assembly suggestion services.

For more questions about container booth, you can refer to the article: What Are The Advantages Of Container Booth? What Problems Should Be Paid Attention To When Using?


Container Booth Data Sheet


External Size Folded: 6058(L) x 2438(W) x 2896(H) mm
Expanded: 6058(L) x 6450(W) x 2896(H) mm
Internal Size Folded: 5476(L) x 2242(W) x 2454(H) mm
Expanded: 5476(L) x 6350(W) x 2454(H) mm
Tare Weight 3400 kg
Roof T1.6mm SPA-H + T50mm rock wool sandwich panel.
Sidewall Pre-painted steel sheet with metal tube structural enhancement.
Bottom revolving side panel with T25mm wooden plastic floor covering
Expansion operation Dual-winch / connection rod
End wall T1.6mm SPA-H + T50mm rock wool sandwich panel.
Floor T20mm plywood +T2.0mm PVC vinyl
Door Roller shutter door / single steel door
Electrical System 120/240V, 50/60HZ, customized lighting and sockets, invisible installation
Optional fixtures Stainless steel counter, bar chairs, coffee table

second floor platform & staircase, verandah with supporting beams


container boothfull series product
container booth full series product


CIMC Yangzhou Base Container Booth Service Details


Pre-sales service Technical and commercial consultant
Customized design and engineering
Return Policy/After-sales Service 1 year warranty for structure
3 years for painting
5 years for decal
Lead time 70 days after order confirmation
Transportation Method Ocean, Railway, Road
Freight and transportation period Confirmed according to specific destination
MOQ 1 unit


Container Booth Flysheet



We, CIMC container Yangzhou base is the subsidiary of China International Marine Containers (Group) Co, Ltd.(CIMC)

CIMC container Yangzhou is consit of 3 companies: TLC, RYC and Tailee, with more than 25 years` experience for container and innovative products` design and manufacturing. 

ISO standard/Special dry container, ISO standard/Special reefer container, containerized integration and modular buildings.

We have totally 400,000m2 factory area, and 8 flexible production lines
Annual capacity:  150,000 TEU ISO/Special containers,  20,000 units modules
Staffs: 2,500
Annual Revenue: 2 Billion(RMB)

Pls contact us through:
*  Inquiry module in our website
* E-Mail:
* Phones marked in the website contact page

We have standard product for ISO/Special container and Modular Buildings, we will reply you quickly with the quotation for such kind of product.

We also focus on the customized and both developed product,  the quotation will be sent after mutual discussion for detailed requirement.

We have various ISO and economical products, as well as the complex highly customized ones, the lead time is in range of 20 to 90 days, we will further discuss with you to confirm during both communication.

We have professional QC team to trace each production course and ensure the product quality from parts fabrication to final completion. We will provide the quality qualified document before delivery.

The third party inspection and certificates company could also be employeed as both agreement, we also welcome the client to send representative to visit our company for the course and final inspection before product delivery.

We locates besides local Yangzhou port, the products could be transported through local port to Shanghai port, then to final destination port allover the world.
If batch order, we can also deliver from the local port directly to destination port.

Besides the sea transportation,  road, railway even aircraft delivery is also available for part of the product and countries, we have professional logistic team to take charge of the service.

Standard product:    1 year for structure, 3 years for painting.

The customized product warranty will be discussed by both parties.

ClMC Yangzhou adheres to strict quality control and continuous innovation. With more than 20 years development, we attained ISO certifications, third party factory approvals, specific product & operator certificates, as well as various awards and patents issued by various levels of government and related associations.

ISO 9001
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 14001
ISO 45001
ISO 45001
ABS Certificate
ABS Certificate
CSS Certificate
CSS Certificate
LR Factory Certificate
LR Factory Certificate
RS Factory Certificate
RS Factory Certificate

CIMC Yangzhou operates full sets of self-contained production lines: Raw material treatment, parts cutting, punching and welding, general assembly, painting, decoration (for modular units). Total manufacturing area of more than 200,000 ㎡, annual capacity: 150,000 special containers / 20,000 modular units.

Customized and Intelligent production line for Modular Building

Modular Building wall integration
Modular Building wall integration
Modular Building bathroom module prefabrication
Modular Building bathroom module prefabrication
Modular Building general assembly
general assembly
Modular Building finishing line
Modular Building finishing line
Modular Building automatic nailing
Modular Building automatic nailing
Modular Building automatic glue application
Modular Building automatic glue application
Modular Building robot tile fixing
Modular Building robot tile fixing
Modular Building ntelligent workshop logistic system
Modular Building ntelligent workshop logistic system

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