What Are The Advantages Of Container Booth? What Problems Should Be Paid Attention To When Using?

In recent years, we often see all kinds of container commercial streets, pedestrian streets, and all types of Container Booth. Due to their convenience and flexibility, containers are widely used in various areas of daily life, such as bedroom containers, container houses, container RVs, movable offices, container hotels, and so on. CIMC Yangzhou Base takes everyone to learn about Container Booth.

In the beginning, many people chose containers because of their low cost and low price. However, with the continuous improvement of technology, the improved Container is waterproof and thermal insulation, and has a changeable shape, which will bring surprises.

What Are The Advantages Of Container Booth?

1.Container Booth Has a Short Construction Period

The advantage of Container Booth is that the construction period is short, which is more than eighty-five percent faster than the traditional structure. The doors and windows are installed according to the design drawings. Since most of the containers are ready-made, this shortens the construction period to a certain extent. All the materials used for the floor and wall of the Container are prefabricated in the factory. It can be opened for use, and single unit on-site work can be completed in 1 day.

container booth display
container booth

2.Container Booth Energy Saving And Environmental Protection

During the renovation of the Container, there is no construction waste and no noise pollution. The thermal insulation and waterproof materials used in the decoration process are also environmentally friendly materials. Moreover, the Container Booth can be recycled. After the temporary construction approval for this place expires, the location can be changed according to the actual situation. More than nighty five percent of the materials in Container Booth can be recycled, which is a new type of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly building.

3.Container Booth Has a Changeable Shape

Because Container Booth belongs to Modular Building, beyond single unit, several containers can also be built by stacking, splicing, and dislocating the boxes. In addition, various shapes will give people a substantial visual impact on appearance. Coupled with the arrival of individual spray paint, it is very in line with the aesthetic pursuit of contemporary young people.

container booth internal view
container booth internal view

4. Container Booth Is Sturdy And Durable

Container Booth is all made of steel, which has seismic solid and deformation resistance.


What issues should be paid attention to when using Container Booth?

1. Fully Consider Ergonomics

Because Container Booth is processed in the factory and assembled on-site, the external dimensions of conventional containers are standardized. Therefore, a container Booth used as a commercial scenic spot can be installed according to the designer’s drawings, and ergonomics should be fully considered when designing, which will affect the customer’s experience and the quality of the building.

2.Container Booth Needs Frequent Maintenance

The service life of Container Booth is generally about ten to fifteen years, which has a lot to do with the usual protection.

The overall frame of the Container is galvanized steel. Affected by the physical characteristics of its metal structure, it has solid thermal conductivity and poor thermal insulation performance, which makes the indoor thermal environment unstable. Therefore, an additional thermal insulation layer is required to control the indoor thermal setting effectively.

Therefore, it is generally necessary to use thermal insulation cotton in the wallboard of the Container Booth to adjust the indoor temperature. In addition, the cabinet is easy to rust. Therefore, the external wallboard is usually covered with 3 layer paintings, ensuring that the color will not fade after long-term use.

3. Container Booth Can Spray Various Colors Of Paint To Increase The Sense Of Style

The overall appearance of the Container is industrial style, with different shapes and at the same time allows customers to see that the building is derived from the Container, which can also reflect the novel and artistic atmosphere.

container booth product
container booth

Container Booth’s appearance processing generally starts with colors and shapes. Colors and patterns are suitable for literary style or exaggerated designs. Next, the condition is placed in different sizes, angles, and heights to create overhead spaces, balconies, corridors, and other spaces.

Container Booth usually needs to be matched with transparent glass to create a good line of sight relationship between inside and outside.

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