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CIMC is the world-leading logistic equipment and energy resource equipment provider, as well as an A+H share listed enterprise, which owns more than 300 subsidiary members(4 listed companies) and 50,000 staff all over the world, the annual operating income in 2020: 94 Billion(RMB), net profit: 5.35 Billion(RMB).

Established in 1993, CIMC Yangzhou base is composed of 3 factories. Total investment: 405 Million(RMB), total area: 400,000m2, Number of employees: 2500, Annual revenue: 2 Billion(RMB). CIMC Yangzhou base has 3 main category products: dry and reefer containers, modular building, and containerized integration.

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Whatever your requirements, we offer custom container or modular building services. With more than 20 years of industry experience as a container manufacturer, we offer world-class and life-long technical support from the beginning of the project to after-sales maintenance.

CIMC Yangzhou owns and operates the provincial certified R&D center with more than 120 engineers which focus on standard product improvement and new product customized design, Our engineering team consists of professional structural, electrical, plumbing, material, 3D design and quality verification technicians, capable of finalizing multiple drawings, specifications, data sheets, calculations, 30 pictures etc. to your requirements.

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As a professional container producer, CIMC Yangzhou has a complete set of well-equipped production lines: raw material processing, parts cutting, stamping and welding, final assembly, painting, decoration (module unit). The total manufacturing area exceeds 200,000㎡, and the annual production capacity: 150,000 special containers/20,000 modular units.

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Quality Control


CIMC-TLC focuses on strict and stable quality control and operates the whole production course inspection platform and all test results are recorded and compiled into a comprehensive quality report.

Water Tightness Test
Water Tightness Test
Structural Test
Structural Test
Thermal Test
Thermal Test
Offshare Test
Offshare Test


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