Sanitary Container

Sanitary container/lavatory container is to integrate insulation, electrical system, plumbing piping system and sanitary ware into container shell, and to be transported as entire standard container unit, It can be used after simple connection with foundation, plumbing pipe, and electricity.


Sanitary Container/Bathroom container belongs to the technical field of toilet equipment and comprises a container body, toilet door(s) and toilet window(s) are arranged on the sidewall of the box body.

The sanitary unit includes toilet blocks and hand washing devices.

A plurality of independent toilets are arranged in the CIMC Yangzhou Base Sanitary Container, which solves the problems that public toilets cannot move.

Sanitary containers are used as containers for storing human excrement. Installed in bathrooms, toilets and other public places that require cleanliness. The container is easy to use and maintain, making it ideal for homes, offices, schools, hospitals and other institutions.

CIMC Yangzhou Base Sanitary Container Introduction


  • The containerized design makes it suitable for multimodal transportation
  • High structural strength, complete internal sanitary equipment with full functioning
  • Ergonomic sanitation design, full and efficient use of space
  • Sanitary Container/lavatory container can be customized according to customer requirements, in line with ADA requirements


Comes with a range of features that make it a must-have for anyone looking to provide clean and portable sanitation. Firstly, the containers are equipped with state-of-the-art sanitary equipment and can be customized to specific needs. This includes equipment such as toilets, sinks and showers.

The container is also designed to be self-contained with a water tank and a waste tank to provide water for sanitation and collect waste. The container is equipped with a pump and filtration system to keep the water clean and safe to use.

Product Features

Designed to provide clean and portable sanitation in remote or impoverished areas. It can be used for a range of sanitation needs, including sanitation for disaster relief efforts, construction sites and outdoor events.

The container is designed to be portable for easy movement from one location to another. This means it can be quickly deployed to remote or impoverished areas to provide much-needed sanitation to those who need it most.


Sanitary Container Benefits


  1. Sanitary Container adopts international popular design, novel and beautiful, small footprint, mobile flexibility.
  2. Sanitary Container has good sealing, waterproof, pollution-free, strong strength, easy transportation, installation, service life of more than 20 years, the product overall light weight, strong stability, can be used repeatedly.
  3. Sanitary Container uses a welded steel structure frame that meets the strength requirements for frequent movement, lifting, etc. Frame surface spraying container special anti-rust primer and topcoat.
  4. The surface of the Sanitary Container is seamless, flat and smooth, easy to clean and easy to maintain. The surface of the box has good acid, alkali, salt spray and other corrosion resistance, suitable for a variety of wet and corrosive environments.
  5. Sanitary Container is suitable for cities, living neighborhoods, tourist areas and other public places.


Applications of Hygienic Containers


Public toilets: It can be installed in public toilets, toilets and other places that require a large number of people to use clean and sanitary toilets.

Residential Bathrooms: Sanitary containers are an excellent choice for residential bathrooms, especially in areas with restricted water supply or drainage.

Commercial Locations: Ideal for commercial locations such as offices, hotels and restaurants where hygiene and cleanliness are critical.

Medical Facilities: Hygienic containers are a must-have in medical facilities such as hospitals and clinics, where preventing the spread of infection is critical.

Industrial sites: Hygienic containers are also suitable for industrial sites such as factories and warehouses that generate large amounts of waste.


Maintenance and cleaning of sanitary containers


Maintaining and cleaning hygienic containers is essential to ensure their longevity and performance. Here are some tips for maintaining and cleaning sanitary containers:

1. Empty the container regularly to prevent it from filling up.
2. Clean the container with a mild detergent and water to remove any stains or odors.
3. Sanitize the container with a solution of bleach and water to kill any bacteria or viruses.
4. Change the container regularly to ensure maximum sanitation and hygiene.


To sum up, the sanitary container is an indispensable tool for keeping clean and hygienic places such as bathrooms. Its high-quality construction, ergonomic design and versatility make it ideal for homes, commercial establishments, medical institutions and industrial locations. By following simple use and maintenance steps, you can ensure your sanitary container will last and provide you with a hygienic, hassle-free toilet experience.

In conclusion, the excellent sanitary container is a revolutionary solution for providing clean and portable sanitation in remote or impoverished areas. Its cost-effectiveness, flexibility and versatility make it an essential tool for anyone looking to provide sanitation in challenging environments. With its wide range of features and self-contained design, it is an invaluable tool for disaster relief efforts, non-profit organizations, government agencies and health service providers. Invest in sanitation containers today and start providing much-needed sanitation to those who need it most.

Sanitary Container Data Sheet


Basic Features
● External size: 6058mmX2438mmX2896mm
● Innernal size: 5778mmX2180mmX2480mm
Tare weight:
● 3800KG
Corner Posts:
● T6.0mm SPA-H
● All outer side/end panel: t1.6mm SPA-H
● Inner covering: 50mm sandwich plate(t0.2mmPPZ+polystyrene + t0.5mmPPG-white.)
● Outer panel: t1.6mm SPA-H
● Inner covering: 75mm sandwich plate (t0.2mmPPZ + polystyrene + t0.5mmPPG-white.)
● Frame: t3.0mmX60X80  Rectangular Tube SPA-H
● Bottom side rail:      t5.0mmX100X200  Rectangular Tube  Q235B
● End side rail:           t4.0mm SPA-H
● Cross-member:       t4.0mm SPA-H
● Floor Plate:             t20mm plywood
● Floor cover:             t2.0mm PVC floor
● exterior doors:  steel door and frame, door frame inner size:820 mm x2040mm
● Insulation: polystyrene
● U-PVC tilt window with mosquito net included, frame size WxH=1000X400mm, white color,
single glass.
Electrical System:
● All electrical components and wiring shall be certified by CE or UL.
● 6-toilet(turkey/ceramic); 3-lavabo(ceramic); 3-urinary(ceramic);
● Toilet partition wall: 18mm density panel-white
● The outside frame’s color: RAL 9010
● Construction: one year guarantee
● Paint System: three years guarantee


Sanitary Container Flysheet



We, CIMC container Yangzhou base is the subsidiary of China International Marine Containers (Group) Co, Ltd.(CIMC)

CIMC container Yangzhou is consit of 3 companies: TLC, RYC and Tailee, with more than 25 years` experience for container and innovative products` design and manufacturing. 

ISO standard/Special dry container, ISO standard/Special reefer container, containerized integration and modular buildings.

We have totally 400,000m2 factory area, and 8 flexible production lines
Annual capacity:  150,000 TEU ISO/Special containers,  20,000 units modules
Staffs: 2,500
Annual Revenue: 2 Billion(RMB)

Pls contact us through:
*  Inquiry module in our website
* E-Mail:
* Phones marked in the website contact page

We have standard product for ISO/Special container and Modular Buildings, we will reply you quickly with the quotation for such kind of product.

We also focus on the customized and both developed product,  the quotation will be sent after mutual discussion for detailed requirement.

We have various ISO and economical products, as well as the complex highly customized ones, the lead time is in range of 20 to 90 days, we will further discuss with you to confirm during both communication.

We have professional QC team to trace each production course and ensure the product quality from parts fabrication to final completion. We will provide the quality qualified document before delivery.

The third party inspection and certificates company could also be employeed as both agreement, we also welcome the client to send representative to visit our company for the course and final inspection before product delivery.

We locates besides local Yangzhou port, the products could be transported through local port to Shanghai port, then to final destination port allover the world.
If batch order, we can also deliver from the local port directly to destination port.

Besides the sea transportation,  road, railway even aircraft delivery is also available for part of the product and countries, we have professional logistic team to take charge of the service.

Standard product:    1 year for structure, 3 years for painting.

The customized product warranty will be discussed by both parties.

ClMC Yangzhou adheres to strict quality control and continuous innovation. With more than 20 years development, we attained ISO certifications, third party factory approvals, specific product & operator certificates, as well as various awards and patents issued by various levels of government and related associations.

ISO 9001
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 14001
ISO 45001
ISO 45001
ABS Certificate
ABS Certificate
CSS Certificate
CSS Certificate
LR Factory Certificate
LR Factory Certificate
RS Factory Certificate
RS Factory Certificate

CIMC Yangzhou operates full sets of self-contained production lines: Raw material treatment, parts cutting, punching and welding, general assembly, painting, decoration (for modular units). Total manufacturing area of more than 200,000 ㎡, annual capacity: 150,000 special containers / 20,000 modular units.

Customized and Intelligent production line for Modular Building

Modular Building wall integration
Modular Building wall integration
Modular Building bathroom module prefabrication
Modular Building bathroom module prefabrication
Modular Building general assembly
general assembly
Modular Building finishing line
Modular Building finishing line
Modular Building automatic nailing
Modular Building automatic nailing
Modular Building automatic glue application
Modular Building automatic glue application
Modular Building robot tile fixing
Modular Building robot tile fixing
Modular Building ntelligent workshop logistic system
Modular Building ntelligent workshop logistic system

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