The 20-foot freezer makes the delivery of fresh food and medicine more efficient!

When it comes to 20-foot refrigerators, in fact, most people do not understand this concept very well. But if it is actually a 20-foot container, everyone can understand it. In fact, now only containers can provide storage space of such a large size, and can also be moved in real time. So what is this 20-foot refrigerator for? Are there other sizes available? Today we will answer them one by one.

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The role of the 20-foot refrigerator


1. Used in fresh food


In fact, in many foreign movies, we will see that some very high-quality aquatic products are salvaged in relatively distant waters, and these aquatic products will be put directly into the cabin. However, because the process of transporting back is relatively long and the temperature changes rapidly, these seafood are often prone to mildew. In order to avoid this problem, a specific area in the middle of the cabin will be built into a refrigerator, and then the aquatic products will be directly Throw in the freezer. In this way, even if it is transported for a long time, it can ensure that the fresh food does not deteriorate. For example, in the movie Perfect Storm, it is in this way that the aquatic products of the distant sea are transported to the wharf for sale.


However, because such refrigerators are relatively limited to the size of the cabin, the 20-foot refrigerator is a mode that directly passes through the container, which can be superimposed, making full use of the height space of the cabin for storage, and has a larger capacity, so it has become a lot of fresh food now. storage mode. Most of the Canadian salmon, Japanese sea bream, etc. we have eaten are shipped in bulk through this Refrigerated Sea Container model.


2. Used in pharmaceutical products


As we all know, there are certain standards for the storage of medicines. But most drugs need to be transported in a refrigerated and stable state. This is especially true of liquid medicines. So whether it is by air, sea, or vehicle, it will eventually need to be stored in a refrigerated cabinet. And if you can have a certain carrying capacity, then using a 20-foot refrigerator is naturally the best way. Through the combination of containers and refrigeration equipment, medicines or pharmaceuticals can be transported at a constant temperature, which maximizes the effectiveness of medicines.


The advantages of 20-foot refrigerators


1. Constant and constant ambient temperature


Whether it is solid state preservation or too much preservation, even if it is gaseous preservation, as long as the temperature changes, certain chemical changes will occur. Therefore, if it is a long-distance journey, it may pass through many different cities, and the climate change in each city is different. It may be transported by air to land transportation, or directly to sea transportation, etc. If there are many occurrences in this process Handling has a great impact on the quality of the product. But if you pass the 20-foot refrigerated container, you can carry out the entire container handling process, which greatly reduces the risk of items needing to enter and exit individually. It has reached the direct transportation conditions from country to country.


2. The 20-foot refrigerator has a higher utilization rate


Because the volume utilization rate of the 20-foot refrigerator is relatively high, the scheduling is flexible. It can be superimposed during transportation, which greatly saves transportation space. And in the process of loading and unloading, it can be hoisted, so the freight is relatively low, and the manual operation is simpler.


3. Higher capacity utilization


If it is not a large space refrigerated cabinet, we often need multiple vehicles or multiple refrigerated equipments for storage and transportation, and the cost is greatly increased. However, if a unified 20-foot refrigerator is used, a variety of items or a large amount of storage can be stored at one time. The purpose of transportation can be achieved at one time, without batch operation, or the risk of batch transportation is greatly reduced.

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In addition to the other dimensions and standards of the 20-foot refrigerator


1. Other dimensions of reefer containers


In addition to the 20-foot freezer, there are also 40-foot and 45-foot types, and because the freezer involves thermal insulation, the internal space is often smaller than the actual storage space. Therefore, when we do the calculation, we cannot measure it according to the conventional open-top container or flat-bottom container. Generally, the internal size of a 20-foot refrigerator is 5.42 meters X 2.26 meters X 2.24 meters. The size of the 40-foot refrigerator is 11.20 meters X 2.24 meters X 2.18 meters.


2. Other standard conditions for refrigerators


In fact, the refrigerator is not necessarily refrigerated, and there are two distinctions, one is pure heat insulation equipment, and the other is the mechanical freezer. If the thermal insulation equipment needs to have special thermal insulation materials, polystyrene materials are used, or the effect of constant temperature thermal insulation can be achieved directly through a vacuum. If it is a freezer, it is necessary to distinguish the power size according to the size of the refrigerator.


The 20-foot refrigerator is one of the more commonly used types of Cold Storage Containers in terms of size and function. Whether it is used domestically or transported abroad, it is one of the most effective transport equipment. The practicality in future international transactions is also very powerful!

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