About the characteristics of expandable container homes

For people nowadays, container houses are already a product that is not surprising. People have always favored the convenience of containers, and containers can not only be used as houses but also can be used to transport goods or be used as warehouses, especially In terms of shipping, the advantages of containers can be used to stack the goods layer by layer, which can save more space. Here we will introduce the characteristics of expandable container homes.

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Features of expandable container homes


1. Easy to build


It can be said that it is the most popular feature of expandable container homes. It is unlike other houses, which require a lot of work to be prepared in advance when building. Instead, the construction work can be completed directly through simple hoisting. In construction, there is no need to use materials such as soil and giant sand, which saves a lot of resources. It is quite convenient to install, save time and effort, and will not affect the surrounding residents.


2. Sturdy and durable


Although China container house does not need to use soil, sand, and other building materials when building, their durability is relatively strong; in the process of use, they will not easily have quality problems, lighting, and ventilation. The aspect is also reasonably good, the lifespan can reach about 20 years, and the most important thing is that the mobility is relatively high. It can be moved back and forth according to demand, unmatched by traditional houses.


3. Low carbon environmental protection


At present, environmental pollution is relatively severe. Therefore, China has always advocated ecological protection. Among all the factors that cause severe environmental pollution, building construction has always had a significant impact on the environment, especially construction. The generated garbage and dust have always been a headache for the country. Expandable container homes are called low-carbon and environmentally friendly housing construction because they do not require construction during construction.


Advantages of container houses


1. Safe and stable


Generally speaking, the structure of China’s expandable container homes is relatively good, so the safety is relatively high. The life of the house can reach about 20 years. If the container houses are regularly maintained, the use time will be longer, coupled with the stability of container houses, can meet the needs of many people, so when they need to build temporary homes, people generally choose to use container houses.


2. High flexibility


Compared with the fixedness of building houses in China, the flexibility of expandable container homes is quite advantageous. Container houses can be moved at will according to different needs. For the situation where temporary houses need to be built on the construction site, the practicability will be greatly improved. Stronger, the flexibility of the container house can be freely transported according to the needs of the construction site. In this way, the accommodation conditions of the people on the construction site can be met under any circumstances.


3. Economical


You must know that in our lives if we use soil or large sand to build houses, we need more materials, then the price of building houses will be high, and container houses do not need these houses. For materials, you only need to buy containers, and you can build them at will. The price is also determined according to the specifications. Compared with building houses, container houses are more economical.


The price of container houses


1. Manufacturer’s problem


At present, there are many manufacturers producing expandable container homes, so when many people know the price, they will find that the price is not uniform, and the impact of different container factorys on the price is relatively large, and different manufacturers produce The quality of the container houses that come out is not the same, so there are certain differences in the price positioning. Generally speaking, the more experienced manufacturers produce containers with higher cost performance.


2. The problem of specifications


Since the purpose of buying container houses is different, there may be differences in the specifications during the purchase process. In this case, it will also affect the price of container houses. If you want to buy a container that is cheaper by yourself, you must Choose the right size for your needs.


3. The reason for the material


There are many manufacturers selling container houses on the market, and the materials used in the production process of containers are different, and the price will also be different. Therefore, it can be said that the price of expandable container homes is also affected by materials, and the more the materials used, the more it is good. The quality of the container will be better, but the price will also be high.


The above is an introduction to the characteristics of China expandable container homes. Due to the accelerated pace of people’s lives, the requirements for specific affairs will also change. The construction of collapsible container house is convenient and fast and can be moved anytime and anywhere, which has become a lot of The choice of the crowd. It is green and flexible and meets the modern crowd’s requirements. CIMC Yang Zhou Base as a container supplier can often see its container houses on construction sites.

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