Introduction to shipping container cost, how to control cost

The development of China’s era is relatively fast, and the circulation of goods is quite good. If you want goods to circulate the world, you must transport them. Using containers to transport goods can not only save the finished products for loading and unloading but also reduce The cost of packaging; in addition to the stackability of containers, it can also transport more items at one time, which is generally quite good, so containers have become an excellent way to transport goods at present, CIMC Yang Zhou Base as a The container supplier will take you to understand the shipping container cost and see how to control the cost.

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Introduction of shipping container cost


1. Fixed costs


Cost mainly refers to the price paid when you want to achieve a particular purpose. For example, in the process of transportation, if you want to transport some items to another place, a fee will be incurred in the middle. This is called the shipping container cost. The fixed costs of shipping containers include parking, vehicle insurance, vehicle depreciation, employee wages, rent, etc. These costs will not change during transportation, so they are called fixed costs.


2. Variable costs


Variable costs and fixed costs are just the opposite; variable costs refer to costs that we can control. For example, fuel costs, tolls, utilities, car maintenance fees, etc., these costs do not have a fixed amount, so they are called variable costs, and in the process of cost control, variable costs are Minimizing the cost can save a lot of costs, but these costs are also indispensable costs in the transportation process.


3. Shipping cost


in transportation. In addition to fixed costs and variable costs, there will also be drop-off fees and pre-load container fees. For example, when the box arrives at the port, if the container has not been collected by the terminal, it cannot enter the port. In this case, you need to find a place to drop the box. Then wait for the port to open and then tow him away, thus incurring a drop box fee. Secondly, in special periods, it is necessary to process the received items in advance, and then there will be a withholding box fee.


How to control transportation costs


1. Lower fixed unit costs


In many cases, the tractor can be used with several trailers at the same time. In this case, it can save costs. For example, after the tractor brings the trailer to the destination, it will be thrown off, replaced with a new trailer, and will go to another place. One destination can reduce the waiting time for loading and unloading and empty driving, effectively reducing energy consumption. It can also save investment and reduce shipping container cost when used with multiple trailers.


2. Reasonable arrangement of transportation business


Only by effectively controlling the cost of shipping containers can the resources of the enterprise be used to the extreme, so as to maximize the economic benefits, and how to arrange transportation reasonably, in fact, transportation companies can use double-layer loading and transportation. For example, Chinese vehicles are transporting In the process, the goods should be arranged reasonably so that the goods can be loaded on both the outbound and return journeys, so as to avoid the situation of no-loading, and then the cost can be effectively saved.

hydrogen container

3. Strengthen management


Strengthening the management of vehicles can also control the cost of ISO Shipping Container, such as regular maintenance of vehicles to ensure that the vehicles are in good condition at all times, and secondly to ensure that the state of the engine is excellent, and all aspects are relatively normal, so as to reduce fuel consumption, According to the condition of the vehicle, a reasonable maintenance plan can be formulated to avoid the vehicle failure and increase the maintenance cost.


Advantages of containers


1. Avoid bumps


In the process of transporting items, bumps will inevitably occur. Transporting items through containers can reduce the number of loading and unloading, so as to avoid bumps during loading and unloading, resulting in damage to items. The use of containers for transportation can not only ensure the safety of goods during transportation but also reduce economic losses.


2. Save money


Many times, items need to be packaged to ensure safety, but after using containers, many products do not need to be packaged additionally, and the advantages of containers can be directly used to ensure the safety of product transportation, which is quite good and can save money. Lots of packaging costs.


3. Convenient transportation


In the process of transporting products in China, the back-and-forth loading and unloading will increase the cost of the shipping container, which is also very troublesome. After using the container for transportation, the entire container can be directly moved to the vehicle, avoiding the manual loading and unloading of damaged goods simultaneously. It can also avoid wasting time, and the transportation is quite convenient.


In general, CIMC Yang Zhou Base is a container supplier, the shipping container cost is not very high, and there is a certain degree of controllability. Therefore, it has developed quite well in many logistics and transportation industries. Its many advantages also meet the needs of logistics and transportation, and it is relatively common in life. If you want to better control costs, you must pay attention to where the cost is. , Always pay attention to avoid the problem of high cost and save transportation costs.

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