Modular substation, creating a promising future

Electricity has always had a significant impact on our lives. Electricity is inseparable from anywhere. It is precise with electricity that we can enjoy the light at night. Because of the existence of electricity, the regular operation of various equipment can be ensured. With the development of the times, the power supply method has also been constantly changed. At present, modular substation/SVG Equipment Container has become the most commonly used power generation equipment in China.

Yangzhou base participates in "Intermodal ASIA 2021"

Features of modular substation


1. Flexibility


The flexibility of the modular substation is relatively high. It can be flexibly combined according to the environment and on-site conditions, installed according to the required form, and the construction of the substation can be quickly completed. This situation is quite friendly, according to the needs. Construction can also better save the land and reduce the area occupied. The changeable characteristics ensure that the substation can adapt to any place and is quite friendly to the application of many businesses.


2. Convenient construction


I believe that people who know China’s traditional substations should understand that the construction of traditional substations consumes a lot of manpower and material resources. It will also cause certain harm to the surrounding environment due to the impact of electricity. And now the emergence of the modular substation. This has been dramatically changed. The modular design not only reduces the complexity of installation but also facilitates the construction process, effectively saving manpower.


3. High security


When the modular substation is designed, the materials used are of good quality, so it can achieve the purpose of no maintenance during use. This method can not only ensure safety during the power distribution but also There will be failure problems; no maintenance is required, and the reliability is relatively high. When in use, there is a specific safety guarantee, which reduces the cost of regular maintenance and thus reduces a certain amount of expenses.


Purchasing skills in modular substation


1. Understand the product advantages


With the modularization of substations, the convenience brought to people is relatively high, so many places have also invested in the application of modular substations. When purchasing, you need to understand the product advantages of this equipment. Different Product advantages will vary. Only when you have a detailed understanding of the product’s advantages can you be more accurate when choosing and avoid the harmful impact of selecting the wrong product on yourself.


2. Understand Brand Reliability

4. containerized tank 1

Different modular substation brands have large differences in quality, safety, and price. Therefore, when choosing to buy, it is also essential to understand the brand. Generally speaking, the longer the brand has been in operation, the more worthwhile it is to choose. It belongs to a piece of maintenance-free equipment used in the use process. When the manufacturer has rich production experience, its use process can be more assured.


3. Understand the purpose


Different modular substations have other uses. Therefore, you must first understand your help to choose a substation more clearly. By understanding the purchase, you can ensure that the equipment is more practical. And it can also avoid unnecessary expenses and save a certain amount.


The difference between modular substation and traditional substation


1. Mobility


China’s traditional substations are mainly built in a certain place. It is impossible to move them after the construction is completed because the manpower and material resources consumed by conventional substations are large. In contrast, modular substations The flexibility is relatively high, and they can be changed or moved at will according to the actual situation and geographical location, which is rather advantageous.


2. Floor space


You must know that the traditional substations in China are constructed by manpower. In this case, due to the construction, the area is quite large, which will waste resources to a certain extent, and the modular substation belongs to a modular type. It can also be assembled according to the site conditions. In this case, the floor space can be effectively reduced, and many resources can be saved to a certain extent.


3. Transmission speed


Compared with traditional substations, modular substation has been greatly improved in terms of transmission speed. It uses optical fibers. When understanding, the speed is relatively fast, and the wiring process is also very convenient. It reduces a lot of labor and greatly improves the efficiency of work. Compared with traditional substations, there are some deficiencies in speed.


Generally speaking, the advantages of CIMC Yang Zhou Base as a container supplier and modular substation are pretty obvious. Modern people favor the flexible transmission speed, and the utilization rate is relatively high, almost obtained in many cities’ electricity. Therefore, in the future development, the modular substation will also lead the development trend of the times and provide stronger advantages for the future power industry.

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