Sea container easily complete sea transportation

Currently, there are many transportation methods in China, including road, railway, water, air, and pipeline. The waterproof function of the container, Which also resist strong winds and waves during transportation, can quickly help people to complete the sea transportation. CIMC Yang Zhou Base, a container supplier, is very professional in various types of sea containers.

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Advantages of sea container


1. Waterproof and moisture-proof


The most significant advantage of the sea container should be waterproof and moisture-proof. You must know that in the process of sea transportation, the most common thing is water, and where there is a lot of water, the moisture is more serious. Suppose the container has better waterproof and moisture-proof functions. In that case, It can ensure that the items in the container will not be wetted by sea water, effectively ensuring the integrity of the things and avoiding damage.


 2. Fast loading and unloading of goods


As we all know, when transporting goods, loading and unloading have always been particularly painful, and it is also the most time-consuming thing. Using containers can significantly change the traditional transportation method, saving manpower for loading and handling. In this way, the damage to the goods can be effectively avoided, and the direct unloading of the container can also effectively reduce the time for loading and unloading the goods.


Types of shipping containers


1. Reefer container


The Refrigerated Sea Container is well understood because this kind of container has a certain thermal insulation effect, and the temperature can also be controlled, so in most cases, some vegetables and fruits are transported, including some meat that needs temperature control. Seafood or medicines, etc. Due to the different products delivered, the waterproof sea container is also divided into various sizes, which is convenient for transportation.


2. Frame container


In short, a frame container is a container with only a frame. This container has no top and side walls, only a base and four surrounding pillars. This kind of container is also very convenient when unloading items. Four It can be quickly unloaded in all directions, especially suitable for loading some extensive articles or heavy steel and machinery, while the frame container is not waterproof. For waterproof items, it needs to be sealed with a tarp.


3. Open top container


The main feature of this type of container is that the top of the container can be moved freely. The top of the container can be removed or installed according to the needs of the transported items. This container can be convenient for cranes to load and unload goods. Generally, open top containers are often used to load glass. Steel, wood, and other large sheet materials; in addition, the top of this container is divided into soft top and hard top; the hard top is generally made of steel, and the soft top is also made of canvas.

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Precautions for purchasing waterproof sea container


1. Pay attention to quality


When buying a waterproof sea container, you must consider the quality. The most important thing for this kind of container is waterproof, so the waterproof effect must be good to ensure that the items in the container will not be wetted by sea water and damaged, and only when the quality is good can the waterproof function of the container be ensured.


2. Pay attention to the function


We have learned above that there are different types of containers, and other waterproof sea containers have different functions. Therefore, when purchasing, you need to understand your use first to buy a suitable receptacle according to the service. , in the process of transporting goods, can be better used.


3. Pay attention to the model


In addition to paying attention to the use, you should also pay attention to the size of the model. After all, the volume of the goods is different. When the importance of the goods to be transported is relatively small, if the purchased container is rather large, the purchase funds will be wasted and more wasteful. The space of the container is not cost-effective. Only by purchasing a suitable container can the cost be effectively saved.


All in all, the importance of waterproof sea containers for sea transportation is quite significant. To ensure that the goods are not affected by environmental factors during transport, waterproof containers are significant. The foldable type of the container can also be substantial. To save transportation space, CIMC Yang Zhou Base as a container supplier, can also reduce transportation costs and energy consumption during transportation, which makes a considerable contribution.

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