Vaccine Shipping Container Is Coming!

More than 100 countries and economies worldwide, including China, have joined the COVID-19 implementation plan to achieve global collaboration to accelerate research and development and equitable use of COVID-19 vaccines. This means a substantial global transit demand for vaccines will be crucial and ensure efficient and safe transit.

Recently, CIMC Yangzhou Base developed a “cold storage container,” suitable for various long-distance transportation methods, is expected to provide solutions for the seamless and safe transport of vaccines worldwide.

super freezer container (-70℃) – 10’
super freezer container (-70℃) – 10’


Due to the specificity of vaccine products, from production to storage and transportation need sterile environment, distribution process requires the whole cold chain. The equipment for the transport of vaccines has high requirements. Refrigeration equipment failure, temperature change, packaging breakage, and other accidents that may cause vaccine failure can seriously affect the safe transport of vaccines.

The newest “vaccine triple-and-transport cabin,” a Vaccine shipping container, uses several core technologies such as positive pressure protection, remote monitoring, centralized power supply, and integrated cold storage. These pain points can be addressed by maximizing the seamless transition, connectivity, and real-time monitoring of vaccines in the same high-standard storage environment.

“Vaccine shipping container is customized for the global transit of COVID-19 vaccines. There are many applications and combinations of new technologies, and we are currently patented urgently,” said Lang Ning, the Project Technical Director of CIMC Yangzhou Base.

super freezer container (-70℃) – 20’
super freezer container (-70℃) – 20’


At the same time, Vaccine shipping container uses a cold storage system, even when the cold machine is not working, by releasing the cooling capacity in the box to keep the temperature in the box stable, to keep cold for a long time, and to meet the safe transport of vaccines during air transport and transit.

“To achieve timing monitoring, thermostat, etc., we need to ensure continuous power availability throughout the process.” Lang Ning also introduced that the central power supply system of the Vaccine shipping container will be a refrigeration system, positive pressure protection system, remote monitoring system power supply all integrated into the cold machine. The cold machine can keep the cabin temperature constant for a long time. When the cold machine does not work, positive pressure system and monitoring system through its battery work, box Maintaining the temperature in the box through the cold storage board, ensure The whole process storage cabinets “powered available.”

In addition, a Vaccine shipping container is equipped with a remote monitoring system, including 5G intelligent monitoring, real-time navigation, and other function modules. The integrated biosecurity emergency cloud platform allows remote monitoring of the cabin temperature, humidity, time, location, operation speed, and other information and can automatically alarm the vaccine storage. Thus, efficient and safe operation of the whole process, to achieve timely, Appropriate amount, proper intelligent management, and to ensure the precision operation.

Under the epidemic, CIMC Yangzhou Base takes advantage of its accumulated manufacturing advantages to develop various “anti-epidemic” products. Just for medical use, CIMC also participated in developing and constructing the first mobile CT medical cabin before the “vaccine three-seated storage and transportation cabin,” emergency assistance to Wuhan, Hubei.

CIMC Yangzhou Base also provides fast buildable modular emergency prevention observation centers, medical personnel apartments.

In the future, CIMC will also pay close attention to the needs of epidemic prevention and control and contribute to the global fight against the epidemic.


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