What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Modular Living Quarter?

The concept of the modular living quarter has been put forward in recent decades and is the result of the development of human industrial technology to some extent.

However, in the past, due to the limitations of technical means, for building such a huge “industrial product,” people could not imagine putting it on the factory line production, plus the construction structure dry change. Modular production will limit some of its functions and appearance, for the construction industry pursuit of beauty instincts is a conflict.

With advances in technology, it was found that the concept of the living quarter could be realized by splitting the building into one component, replacing the assembly line production of the building body by producing standardized components.

Modular living quarters can also be called accommodation containers, modular sleeping rooms. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this modular building?


1 Advantages Of Modular Living Quarter


The advantages of the modular living quarter include its efficient production, fixed assembly, fast construction, etc.

Unlike traditional building construction, modular living quarter’s construction components are produced by the factory and shipped directly to the construction site and assembled; in the construction industry, we call the modular construction process. Thus, modular construction is a modern advanced construction concept. Its advanced features are introducing a large number of modules, which greatly shorten the construction time and produce good economic benefits. At the same time, the transformation and use of container modules have also emerged.


tiny home scenes
Modular Living Quarter

In addition, a big idea of the modular living quarter is that owners are free to design their own house when conditions permit. Like the LEGO bricks we relish, since each module is connected in the same way, we can combine the blocks to form various shapes.

If the building can do so, people can even choose the size of their house according to the number of modules and pay the corresponding fee.

In space, under gravity-free conditions, the space station uses modular stitching to realize the receipt and transfer of spacecraft materials, and so on.

So in science fiction, we can often see the shadow of the modular living quarter, which also represents the most advanced part of building technology today.


2 Insufficiency Of Modular Living Quarter


The time to develop a modular living quarter is short, and there are many problems. One of them is that the cost is still much higher than traditional construction, mainly due to the extensive use of steel as a frame for connection.

However, with the development of technology, this problem can be solved if new materials appear.


prefab container office 2 1
Prefab container office – side view” width=”620″ height=”472″ /> Prefab container office


In addition, due to the structure itself, the modular living quarter has been very limited in applying high-rise buildings. In addition, the initial period of modularization is the single shape.

With current technology, it isn’t easy to achieve the modular production of highly personalized buildings internationally. The modular living quarter is mostly just a square box structure, and then how to jump out from the basic module shape. Which is a major technical problem to be overcome in the future.


3 Conclusions


Modular buildings already occupied a significant market share in residential, sanitary, and educational buildings. In addition, modular living quarter’s fast construction, small pollution, and easy cost control make it an important modern construction advanced technology member.

Although there are still some limitations, such as the single structure of the module unit, which cannot be widely used in high-rise buildings, with advances in production technology, materials, construction, etc., it is believed that living modular quarter will become a very important part of the building type in the future.



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