Precautions For Loading Of Bulk Shipping Container

In the existing rules and regulations for loading of goods in Bulk Shipping Container, only the guiding provisions for cargo packing operations are more general, and there are no specific packing standards for all types and forms of goods. How to ensure the safety of rail and sea transport? CIMC Yangzhou Base shares with you the key details you should pay attention to when loading 3 Bulk Shipping Containers.


1.Strict Packing Quality Management


(1) The formulation of strict packing scheme.


The station needs to develop the station Bulk Container packing scheme, railway personnel in handling container transport demand, need to check product name, specifications, master shipping requirements.

bulk container outlook
bulk container outlook

The packing scheme must be clear:

Cargo photo shooting points, number, wheel weight meter deviation, and comes with three views and physical photos.


(2) Strict packing program training learning.


After the packing program is determined, the station should organize freight personnel, enterprise related personnel to learn together.


(3) Carriers need to check out the box by box.


Carriers can confirm the implementation of the packing plan by packing photo, unconfirmed must be checked out of the box to confirm.


(4) Strengthen the use of safety measurement and testing equipment such as wheel weight meters.

Bulk Shipping Container box does not achieve uniform loading of goods, must be used after loading the wheel weight meter for re-testing to prevent deflection and overload problems.


2.Strengthen The Training Of Relevant Freight Operators


Carrying out the business training work of freight operators, you can use improper cargo loading reinforcement measures, operator rules and other accidents caused by video and image photos to carry out safety education, improve the awareness of the quality of Bulk Shipping Container packing, so that the relevant operators can Conscious to establish a sense of safety responsibility.


3.Carry Out Technical


Summarize and conduct research and analysis of issues related to Bulk Shipping Container loading. Research new packing process, actively carry out technical research, and promote and apply the results of technology to better serve freight marketing work.


4.Master The Loading And Reinforcement Requirements Of Various Types Of Goods


Goods should be balanced, stable and reasonably distributed on the container floor, not overload, deflection, weight, Bulk Shipping Container after packing cargo projection should be located at the intersection of the centerline of the truck, if necessary, should take appropriate reinforcement measures to prevent the movement of goods in the box, rolling, overturning, collapsing, etc., reinforcement of goods is strictly prohibited to damage the box.

Loading of goods in Bulk Shipping Container, from the packaging form mainly carton goods, wooden boxes, bundles, bags, board goods, rolling goods, barrels, long goods and machinery and equipment.

  • For cartons, wooden boxes, pallets, bundles and bags loading is relatively simple, according to the rules of the goods for tight arrangement, in order to improve the efficiency of packing, reduce cargo damage, pallets can be used;
  • Board cargo packing can be horizontal, shun, horizontal combination, but the cargo strapping must be firm, loading shall not produce clearance;
  • For rolling goods, such as roll paper, coil steel, cable, disc strips, etc., must eliminate its rolling characteristics, and take pull, bundle, wooden bracket and other reinforcement measures;

Mechanical cargo packing, must strictly confirm the center of gravity of the goods, to prevent bias, accordingly take masking, pull, stent, eliminate harmful clearance measures.

Easy to move, roll, overturn, collapsed goods must take reinforcement measures, after packing void, must be reinforced.

  • Main methods: plug tightening, barrier reinforcement, bundle reinforcement, friction reinforcement, nail reinforcement, prevent cargo overturning reinforcement, etc.;
  • Main Materials:Wire, Plate Strip, String Stick, Steel Strip, Wire Rope, Wire Rope Clamp, Rope, Fiber Rope, Pillar, Square Wood, Block, Masking Wood, Rubber Mats, Grass Pads, Nails, Special Fixtures, Air Mat, etc.

Refer to the above details, Bulk Shipping Container loading should avoid most cargo damage and transport accidents.


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