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Containers produced by container manufacturers refer to large loading containers with a certain strength, rigidity, and specifications for turnover. When using containers to transfer goods, you can directly load the goods in the consignor’s warehouse and transport them to the consignee’s warehouse for unloading. When changing vehicles or ships in the middle, there is no need to remove the goods from the box for replacement.

As an international general transport carrier, container plays an important role in logistics and transportation. After decades of development of container manufacturers, container products are gradually standardized and the logistics and transportation system established therefrom can be called great progress in human history.

There are many ways to classify containers. For example, the loaded goods can be divided into dry containers, bulk containers, refrigerated containers, tank containers, and special containers, etc.; Containers, etc; The diversification of classification methods further verifies the diversity of market demands in the container industry.


waste sea container
waste sea container


Container Development Trend


1. Lighter self-weight and larger load


Lighter dead weight, larger load, and longer service life should be the constant pursuit in the industry. For container manufacturers, reduced self-weight means lower costs. For the logistics industry, light weight and heavy load can also maximize benefits.


2. Greener


With the development of the economy, people pay more and more attention to the pressure brought by economic development to the environment. As a part of the huge manufacturing industry, container manufacturers must also adhere to the principle of sustainable development of human society, so that the development of the industry tends to be Greener and more energy efficient.


3. Customization


The increasingly diversified market is no longer limited to standard general containers, and the special container market is broader. Some container manufacturers make some structural changes on the standard container, which can be achieved by adding some electrical equipment, while more require a new design to meet the special functional needs of customers, such as using containers to raise fish, developing new modular container houses, etc.


4. More intelligent


Utilize information technology to realize remote tracking, monitoring and management of containers. Of course, containers must also be more economical, making products more competitive in the market, and easier to market and occupy the market. The application of new technologies, new materials, new processes and new equipment will bring new vitality to the development of the container industry. As a container manufacturer,China CIMC Yangzhou Base pays close attention to the technical information of the industry. While the technology is advancing steadily, it boldly explores and innovates, and strives to create the best and most beautiful container.


Container house


Container house, also known as container mobile house, refers to a simple residence with windows and doors after transformation, mainly using containers as basic materials.

The main frame of the portable container homes under the container manufacturer is made of special steel plate, and the side panels have special sound insulation and heat insulation fillers, which can play the role of heat insulation, sound insulation, cold protection and fire protection.

People’s impression of this type of building is often in the traditional sense, with a certain strength, rigidity, and specifications, and it can be repeatedly turned over for large metal containers used for transportation and loading and unloading.

Nowadays, the container house of container manufacturer is regarded as a fashion element, and it is widely used in another new type of tourism due to its unique advantages, and redefines it with a name called “R4”.

“R4” is: “Recyclables, Recuperable, Reutilizables, Reasonable” which are mobile, reasonable, environmentally friendly and reusable.

With the development of social economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, people have higher standards and more personalized pursuits for the way of living. In this context, container houses under the container manufacturer came into being.

The emergence of container houses has changed people’s existing impression of traditional houses as real estate, satisfies people’s imagination of new-style houses, and also creates a new way of life for people.


bathroom container 3
bathroom container


The advantages of container house from container manufacturer


  1. Mobility: easy to transport, especially suitable for units that frequently change construction sites.
  2. Durability: Sturdy and durable, all made of steel, stable and firm, with good shockproof performance. It has strong anti-deformation ability; good sealing performance and strict manufacturing process make this kind of movable room have good water tightness.
  3. Aesthetics: Use the characteristics that can be personalized to develop personalized art. The container manufacturer makes it personalized, in line with personal characteristics and pursuits.
  4. Rapid construction: short manufacturing period and free foundation. The prefab is based on a standard steel chassis, and many combination spaces can be derived. Such as meeting rooms, dormitories, kitchens, bathrooms, etc.
  5. Inexpensive and reusable.
  6. With the increasingly close economic ties of various countries in the world, the significant increase in the import and export trade volume of various countries has brought new opportunities and new requirements to the entire container manufacturer.

Independent design and innovation has always been a magic weapon for invincible enterprise development. “Survival by quality and development by technology” has always been the tenet pursued by CIMC Yangzhou Base. Customers provide better and more suitable products.


The container series products independently developed and produced by CIMC Yangzhou Base have fast production speed, short process flow, high output and excellent product quality, and have been well received by customers! It has its own production center and team of engineers to update products and provide rectification support for the equipment that has been sold. China CIMC Yangzhou Base professional container customization is trustworthy!


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