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One. Abstract


Benefiting from the development of society and economy and the progress of science and technology, the level of the construction industry has been greatly improved, making the building develop in a diversified direction. With the continuous improvement of people’s requirements for buildings and the national policy on building energy conservation and emission reduction Under the influence, modular buildings began to emerge.

Modular building manufacturer has subverted the traditional architectural concept, is not subject to the influence of site and climate, and is also separated from the “dusty” construction site image. It has quite obvious characteristics of the times in today’s construction industry. Therefore, it is essential to conduct research on modular construction to make the construction industry better, faster and more sustainable.


two. What is Modular Building


Modular building is that during construction, each link is divided into many different space modules. These space modules are directly produced in the factory and then transported to the construction site. The construction personnel make each space module like stacking wood. effectively combined.

The modular building manufacturer adopts the structural form of steel skeleton + structural thermal insulation integrated board + decorative board, which means that the decoration part can also be completed in the factory, and the structure and decoration can be completed at the same time, which is difficult to achieve in traditional buildings of.

Modular Building culture tourism series
culture tourism series



The development of material technology enables new types of boards to be processed from wastes such as straw and construction waste, reducing or even not using chemical coatings, and does not produce harmful substances such as formaldehyde and toluene. The development of building manufacturers in the construction industry.


three. Modular building manufacturer Product Advantages


1. Security


The construction of traditional buildings usually requires a large number of steel bars, concrete, and formwork. During the construction process, high-altitude and high-risk operations are often required for a long time, and safety accidents are prone to occur. Modular building manufacturer The various components of the modular building is produced in the factory, and only need to be assembled on site. The operation is simple and the probability of accidents is greatly reduced.


2. Short construction period and labor-saving


The modular building manufacturer realizes the factory production of construction projects. More than 90% of the work of highly modular buildings can be completed in the factory, which is unmatched by on-site construction. The same mold can be reused; mechanized production reduces labor and greatly improves production efficiency; decoration work on the factory assembly line saves a lot of time compared to on-site decoration; on-site hoisting workload is small, safe and fast. Therefore, modular buildings have the characteristics of short construction periods and labor-saving.


20‘ accommodation container​
20‘ accommodation container​


3. Energy saving and environmental protection


Each module of the modular building manufacturer’s modular building is produced in the factory, which reduces the pollution of dust and noise. At the same time, compared with traditional buildings, modular building materials are light in weight, have high spatial structure characteristics, can effectively use building space, and save a lot of building land.

China CIMC Yang Zhou Base board production process does not use non-renewable resources such as cement, sand and stones, and does not use chemical products containing harmful substances such as formaldehyde and toluene, but is made from crop straw, construction waste and other special processes. Non-toxic and harmless, live after installation.


4. Mobility


Buildings built with traditional reinforced concrete structures are often fixed at a certain location and cannot be moved. China modular building manufacturer has changed such a model very well. Its installation is connected by The components link the module to the ground, and the modules to the module. When you want to change the position, you only need to remove the connector to freely choose the placement location, which truly turns “real estate” into “movable property”.


5. The feasibility of modular construction


With the development of society and the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s concept of life has gradually changed, and new and higher requirements have been put forward for buildings. Modular building manufacturers came into being under these conditions. . Judging from the country’s emphasis on green buildings, the rapid development of modular building technology and the advantages of modular buildings in engineering practice, CIMC Yang Zhou Base as a modular building manufacturer is bound to set off a new wave.


Four. Application of Modular Building


In terms of design constraints, modular buildings are built to the same building codes and specifications as conventional buildings and are virtually indistinguishable from ordinary buildings. From single-family homes to multi-story office buildings, modular construction can be used anywhere.


  • container sales department.
  • container commercial blocks and towns.
  • container creative park, science and technology park.
  • container pop-up stores, stores.
  • container homestay hotel.
  • container reception center and post station.
  • container sports facilities, surrounding facilities, clubs.
  • container office and studio.


five. Epilogue


As a modular building manufacturer, China CIMC Yang Zhou Base is a product of the development of the times. Its emergence is the result of the combined effect of people’s demand for high-quality living standards and the national green building policy for energy conservation and emission reduction.

Strengthening the development of the modular building industry can effectively promote the development of China’s social economy and effectively meet the needs of today’s society. Vigorously developing the modular building market can provide a good development prospect for my country’s modular building industry.

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