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one. Summary


In the early days, portable container homes were very simple and were often called “tin houses” or “work sheds”. Later, after continuous upgrading, their quality and supporting facilities became better and better, and now they have become “tall”: There are not only water, electricity and toilets, but also laundry rooms, shower rooms, and some even public activity rooms. The entire building is clean, tidy, bright, well ventilated and thermally insulated.


Such buildings are now called mobile houses, also known as modular houses, mobile houses, portable container homes, etc. The more professional ones are called modular houses or modular buildings. Its characteristics are that the house is customizable, movable, simple to assemble, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, safe and livable. In addition, the floor space and floor height can be freely selected according to the size of the plot and the needs of living.


tiny home exterior
tiny home exterior


With the advancement of technology in China, only one foundation is needed in the field, and the use of connectors can make portable container homes rise from the ground. To create a simple yet luxurious container mansion, the final product can be directly packed into the house. The whole structure is composed of very small parts, but after assembly, it can become a large space that can accommodate the entire family.


These container-stacked houses, available in sizes ranging from 18 to 140 square meters, can add a lot of additional or customized space. They allow for a more flexible, open design with plenty of room to spare. Huge floor-to-ceiling windows allow for a strong connection between inside and outside, and natural light floods the room. For the interior furnishings, a number of high-end furniture leather labels have been introduced to make the room luxurious.


The container was originally a container for transporting goods, but the designers of China CIMC Yang Zhou Base turned it into a creative container house. This kind of waste container has been carefully designed, and the waste can be used to break through the limitation of accommodation.


two. Advantages of portable container homes


  • Convenient, movable, assembleable, strong plasticity, you can use your imagination to become houses of various shapes and categories.
  • Very modern. Different from the Chinese style and the European style, it is not restricted by the environment and is very suitable for camping in the countryside.
  • Portable container homes themselves have high strength, and their load-bearing capacity is even higher than that of ordinary buildings. They also have anti-corrosion and certain fire-proof capabilities. They are essential products for your home travel.
  • The construction cost is cheaper than traditional buildings, and it can be reused without generating too much construction waste.
  • Since the size of the container itself is fixed, each container can be used as a separate building or a unit module that composes a building, which simplifies the construction process and is easy to assemble and disassemble.


three. Development of portable container homes


The development and application of modern science and technology have brought an unprecedented impact on social life. People’s demand for housing is becoming more and more individualized and complicated. The architectural model will definitely jump out of a single form and show a trend of diversified development.


As a form of architectural diversification, portable container homes can quickly respond to the individual needs of the market in terms of structure and function through modular construction. New ecological values have been integrated into the architectural trend of thought, guiding the transformation of buildings from traditional high-consumption type to high-efficiency green type. The modular construction mode of “factory manufacturing + on-site installation” of container houses conforms to the development trend of today’s green buildings.


As far as the manufacture of mobile houses is concerned, the relevant technologies in the world are quite mature at present, and its development scale and industry concentration have reached a relatively high level in the European, American and Japanese markets. China’s mobile houses are also gradually recognized by the society. Its advantages such as strong earthquake resistance, good energy saving, low cost, and fast installation make it popular in major scenic spots, gas stations, construction sites, etc., and the rapid promotion of mobile houses has been It is a highlight in the field of new materials and construction in this century.


Most of the mobile houses we usually see are two or three floors, but in fact, mobile houses with dozens of floors are not uncommon in foreign countries, and CIMC Yang Zhou Base, as a manufacturer of portable container homes, has a very strong reputation in this regard. China CIMC Yang Zhou Base is famous for its production of containers, and modular buildings derived from containers, namely portable container homes, will become one of the company’s main businesses in the future.


Modular Building
Modular Building


After more than ten years of exploration and promotion, CIMC Yang Zhou Base has built numerous modular buildings for the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, the United States, Japan and other countries or regions. It only takes 70 days before and after transportation to the main body lifting work.


The building modules quickly built by China CIMC are recyclable and detachable, which can not only meet the living, office and business needs of people from all walks of life in the early construction stage, but also can be “moved” with the further improvement of municipal construction planning.


Portable container homes are fully mature in technology in China. With the constant change of people’s ideas, they will definitely have a very broad space for development in the future.


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