Product introduction and precautions of refrigeration shipping container manufacturer

CIMC Yang Zhou Base as a container supplier,its product Cold Storage Container is a container with good insulation effect and can maintain a certain low temperature requirement. Generally speaking, it is used to transport various perishable foods or store these items. Special container. For example, many of our products now pay attention to the effect of the cold chain. In fact, we use this kind of Cold Storage Container, which needs to be able to ensure the impact of cold storage from the product to the customer’s hand.


A type of container that is very highly used in food transportation and is also a sign of improved living standards. Therefore, a large number of refrigeration shipping container manufacturers have appeared to provide corresponding products for various types of food or transportation. So what about the composition of reefer containers, the scope of application and the selection of refrigeration shipping container manufacturers?

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 Product composition of refrigeration shipping container manufacturer


1. Appearance


In terms of appearance, Cold Storage Container is actually a container model, with top plate, bottom frame, front frame, rear frame, rear door, left and right side panels and so on. However, refrigeration shipping container manufacturer produces two types of built-in and external based on different classifications of reefer containers. The built-in is a way of combining with the entire transport vehicle or with the cabin, providing the corresponding power through the whole vehicle and the whole ship, and the set motor achieves the cooling effect. cannot be used independently. But the external installation is through the effect of an independent refrigerated container, which can be independently powered and cooled, similar to the appearance of a refrigerator, and then connected to the transportation attack through this external installation.


2.the advantages and disadvantages of built-in and external


The advantage of the built-in is that the power is relatively stable, and if it is bound to the vehicle, it will be operated uniformly during maintenance, the body will be more stable, and the temperature provided will be more standard and stable. But the disadvantage is that it can only be used as a refrigerated container, and the function is relatively simple. The advantage of the external one is that it can be disassembled at will, and it can be transported behind the body or transferred to the ship through the container, which is more free. But the technology for the effect of external power supply also needs to be more powerful. Therefore, merchants often find a professional refrigeration shipping container manufacturer to buy according to their actual needs.


The scope of application of refrigeration shipping container manufacturer


1. Daily necessities


As mentioned before, China Cold Storage Container is actually quite powerful in many food transportation. For example, meat products are an example, especially in summer, it can ensure that the meat will not rot due to temperature changes, which greatly reduces the food loss of food suppliers. In fact, not only food transportation, but also many medicines need to be transported in a refrigerated manner. Because most drugs are formed through the integration of chemical components, changes in temperature often directly affect the changes in drug components, and may even produce a certain chemical reaction, resulting in drug failure, or even the drug may be derived instead. Lots of toxins. So refrigeration is a must.


2. Special supplies


Not only food and medicine, in fact, many of our electronic devices also need to be refrigerated and transported at a certain temperature. An overheated environment will cause problems in the power system of electronic equipment. If there is no way to conduct heat in time, it is easy to explode directly, such as batteries. Therefore, many China refrigeration shipping container manufacturers now set up regulators with different temperatures to help transport merchants set the temperature according to the actual characteristics of the product. To achieve a good constant temperature effect.

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Selection of refrigeration shipping container manufacturer


1. Big brand


In fact, there are still many refrigeration shipping container manufacturers in our market, but we must choose big brands. Because big brand containers tend to use higher-quality motors, such as Siemens motors, which can provide a stable state for the current supply, and the temperature will naturally be stable. CIMC Yang Zhou Base as a container supplier and manufacturer is a brand that you can trust and choose.


2. Post-service


The post-service of China refrigeration shipping container manufacturer is also quite required now. The temperature of the container needs to be adjusted according to different products for a long time, and it needs to be cleaned and adjusted reasonably and effectively. These require more professional organizations to operate. As a transportation company, what we can do is to do every maintenance as much as possible, but once a problem occurs, we need to be able to find a manufacturer that can solve the problem, and can solve the problem as soon as possible, so that the reefer container can be put into use as soon as possible .


Refrigeration will also occupy a considerable proportion of future transportation, especially in summer, because the temperature is rising every year, which will have a considerable impact on many jobs, so if you want to ensure that food or other special items are more Perfectly preserved, refrigeration is a must. Therefore, many refrigeration shipping container manufacturers will also inform transportation companies that even if refrigerated containers are easy to use, they cannot be used for a long time and cannot be used in excess. dry. Therefore, when the transportation company uses it, it must be more careful and pay attention to each maintenance!


CIMC Yang Zhou Base as a refrigeration shipping container manufacturer, CIMC Yang Zhou Base has more than 25 years of experience in the design and manufacture of containers and innovative products. If you need it, you can call to know and look forward to working with you.

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