How to choose cold storage container manufacturer?

Refrigerated containers are a type that is more recognized by users now because refrigerated containers are required to transport fruits, or vegetables, including meat, and other foods and other goods. However, users of this kind of container need to understand how the cold storage container manufacturer chooses before choosing to buy. And what factors are related to the different prices of reefer containers?


How does cold storage container manufacturer choose a manufacturer?


1.Look at the scale of the manufacturer


The number of cold storage container manufacturers has gradually increased in recent years. Still, due to their relatively large scale, some manufacturers pay attention to quality and production technology, and the cold storage container produced has a better refrigeration effect. However, some small manufacturers have no production experience, and the production process is not advanced enough, which is easy cause the refrigerated containers produced cannot guarantee the refrigerating effect. When a user chooses to buy a refrigerated container, they must compare several companies to see which one has a large scale, can guarantee the quality, is cost-effective, and can then buy it from the manufacturer with confidence.

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2.Look at the strength of the manufacturer’s R&D team


Reefer containers are different from ordinary containers. Reefer containers have relatively high requirements for production process design. When choosing a manufacturer to buy, it also depends on the strength of the manufacturer’s R&D team. As long as the R&D team is strong, the refrigerated container developed will have a good refrigeration effect. Like CIMC Yang Zhou Base as a container supplier and manufacturer, you can buy the reefer containers you need here with confidence.


3.Look at after-sales service and sales methods


To avoid disputes and losses when purchasing refrigerated containers, when choosing a manufacturer, it is necessary to understand the after-sales service. Only when the after-sales service is in place can users buy without worries. In addition, in order not to waste money on the purchase, it also depends on the sales method, and choose the direct-selling manufacturer to buy, so that there will be no middlemen making the difference, and the price can be cheaper when purchasing.


What factors are related to the different prices of reefer containers?


1.Different thickness, different price


The cold storage container manufacturer produces different thicknesses, and there will be great differences in price. Thicker reefer containers will be much more expensive due to more materials. If the thickness of the container is not enough, the cost of such a container will be much cheaper. Still, it is not recommended for users to choose because the reefer container is different from the ordinary container, and the refrigeration effect can be better with a certain thickness.


2.different types, different prices


As we all know, reefer containers have a wide range of uses, and the types of containers for different uses are also different. The application scenarios are different so the price will be different. Users who need this type of container must choose a suitable kind when buying to ensure that they are ideal for their use after purchase.


3.Different sizes, different prices


The size of the reefer container also varies greatly, and the price is also different due to the difference in size. When users choose to buy, they must choose the corresponding size according to their own needs so that when refrigerating various foods and other products, the maximum amount of refrigeration is guaranteed, and the refrigeration effect is also better.

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What precautions should be taken when using refrigerated containers


1.Can not be pre-cooled in advance


The cold storage container manufacturer will remind the purchaser that the refrigerator cannot be cooled in advance. After the refrigerator container is opened, the hot air from the outside will enter the box. When the hot air and the cold air of the box meet, water will appear. When the air condenses, the water droplets will gather together, and the water droplets will drip into the goods in the refrigerated container, affecting the goods’ outer packaging.


2.Pre-inspection of reefer containers


When purchasing a refrigerated container, the user should check the refrigerated container body and system in detail before delivery, check whether the refrigeration system is damaged or not and whether it is in normal state. In particular, it is necessary to focus on the qualified label attached to the refrigerated container. Only this label can prove that the quality of the refrigerated container is guaranteed.


3.Temperature and ventilation


When using refrigerated containers to refrigerate all kinds of food, especially when it needs to be transported over a long distance, it is necessary to control the temperature because if the temperature is not well maintained, such as some meat, fruits, and vegetables that need to be kept fresh, it is easy to deteriorate and become damaged. A significant loss to yourself. Like some products that require ventilation, ventilation should also be done well to avoid excessive humidity in the container from affecting product quality.


In recent years, the usage of refrigerated containers in China has gradually increased. Users who need to purchase such containers should learn more about how to choose cold storage container manufacturers before purchasing them. Also, what are the reasons for the different prices? And what should I pay attention to when using it? To ensure that the refrigerated container can play a role in preservation. CIMC Yang Zhou Base as a container supplier is a regular reefer container manufacturer you can trust, with guaranteed quality, high cost performance and good after-sales service.

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