Modular Living Quarter Under Pre Built Container Homes

Container introduction


When it comes to container construction, what’s your first reaction? Is it an airtight construction floor room, or a slum in foreign movies? CIMC Yangzhou Base, as a container manufacturer in China, said that initially people used containers as houses because of the low cost and ease of movement. However, in recent years, with the development of architectural aesthetics, the gradual maturity of technology, the continuous development of modular living quarters, and the innovation of design concepts, container buildings have become With its own changeable colors, fashionable shapes, and flexible space structures, it has become a unique type of building, and pre-built container homes have gradually become popular.


The modular living quarter takes the container as the basic Modular Building and adopts the manufacturing mode. After the structural construction and interior decoration of each module are completed by the assembly line in the factory, they are transported to the project site and quickly combined into different styles according to different purposes and functions. Container house construction. Along with electric vehicles and wireless Internet, it is considered as an important invention that is most likely to change the way of life of human beings in the next ten years. Compared with traditional construction methods, it is more environmentally friendly, more efficient, safer and more convenient.

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CIMC Yangzhou Base, as a container manufacturer in China, said that the container was originally a simple means of transportation, but people found that it can also be used for living. The living method of pre-built container homes seems to be both global and local, temporary and permanent at the same time. The qualities of , finite and infinite, the tension of the container makes it the queen of versatility in architecture.


The container modular living quarter is one of the youngest branches of architecture. It uses ISO standard containers, and like Lego bricks, pre built container homes can be combined into almost any form of building. Whether it’s temporary buildings, public buildings, family homes, event venues, or anything in between with Prefab Container Office, container buildings can do the job. It is also popular with architects and clients. It’s easy to like them because it’s quick to assemble, inexpensive, eco-friendly, and at the same time has a special art form that’s a sight in itself.


Pre built container homesAdvantage


Pre built container homes are made of special boards for containers, and the use of container technology has the following advantages:


  1. Movable and reusable.
  2. Fast installation speed, green and environmental protection, no construction waste, no foundation.
  3. Safety steel structure, windproof and shockproof.
  4. Durable steel plate outer wall, corrosion resistance, acid resistance, no rust and no cracking, the service life is more than 20 years.
  5. The sound insulation and heat insulation adopts the air insulation design, which has good sound insulation and heat insulation.
  6. Aesthetics can be designed in various shapes, with many colors on the outer wall, bright and beautiful appearance.
  7. The interior is completely decorated, with external electricity, built-in air conditioning, electricity, lighting, tables and chairs, and can be used immediately.
  8. Low cost, low cost, high quality and low price, random size and specification, width from 2 meters to 6 meters, length from 2 meters to 20 meters.


 pre built container homes PK Commercial housing


Location container: only in desolate places such as suburbs, but the container has a strong mobility, and you can change the place without changing the house.


Appearance container: It is very personalized and can be painted arbitrarily according to your own preferences, which can be very different. You can repaint if you don’t like it.


Commercial housing: You can choose from the city center or the suburbs according to your own wishes. But once purchased, it is difficult to replace.


Commercial housing: The appearance can only be designed by the developer and cannot be changed by oneself.

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Development of modular living quarter


Trend: built container home and integration under modular living quarterpre are the general trend, and integrated housing that is environmentally friendly, energy-saving, fast and efficient is the development direction of future architecture.


Safety: CIMC Yangzhou Base, as a container manufacturer in China, expresses that the integrated housing components are flexible, assembled and combined in the space of standard modules, and the overall structure adopts light steel structure as the skeleton, with high safety performance.


Fast: All components are factory prefabricated, standardized production, convenient transportation, fast on-site assembly, no need for secondary decoration.


Comfortable: The wall panels are made of A-grade fire-resistant glass wool, and there is no cold bridge at the connection.


Environmental protection: easy disassembly and assembly, can be moved as a whole, long service life, zero waste at the installation site.


Creativity: It can be infinitely connected horizontally and stacked vertically to form a well-proportioned building.


In recent years, the concept of “container” housing has been completely changed, forming a modular living quarter, standardized, and professional process of large-scale assembly line production. From design, manufacturing, transportation, and installation to professional development, it has become a kind of commercial housing development. form.


With the increase of construction cost and the decrease of land resources, energy-saving and environmentally friendly container houses have quietly heated up in recent years and become an emerging construction trend at home and abroad.


CIMC Yangzhou Base, as a container supplier in China, said that compared with traditional building container construction, the ground requirements are small and the shape is fashionable and changeable. It can be Pre-Made Container Homes according to specific needs, with high flexibility. The factory prefabrication model greatly reduces the construction time. The movable design breaks through the “one-time” service life of traditional buildings and brings infinite possibilities.


At present, the modular living quarter of container buildings is mostly used in various buildings such as residences, shops, art galleries, etc., and its own “Internet celebrity punch-in” attribute is even more useful for businesses. The unique charm and culture have also attracted the attention of more brands, adding more topics and traffic.


The weather-resistant steel of the container as a whole provides super firmness for the building, super air-tightness and water-tightness and technological filling materials bring good sound insulation and heat preservation, and can be recycled to bring high cost performance. “, transport” saves time and labor costs, and the pre-assembled design of factory pre-built container homes eliminates the generation of traditional construction waste. If you have container requirements, please call CIMC Yangzhou Base for consultation.

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