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We can easily see a large number of containers at ports and docks, and I believe everyone is familiar with them, which are loaded with goods from all over the country and even around the world. This Logistic Equipment Container is a large loading container with certain strength, rigidity and specifications for turnover.


Containers use transshipment goods, which can be directly loaded in the consignor’s warehouse and unloaded in the consignee’s warehouse. When changing vehicles or ships on the way, there is no need to take the goods out of the box for reloading. The goods are loaded inside, and special containers can be used. The crane lifts the entire container from this vehicle to another vehicle, the port transfer yard and the ship. The specifications are uniform, and the transfer is very convenient.


The container manufacturer said that it is not surprising that containers are used to hold goods, but what about people? In fact, the use of containers in architectural design is not an unfamiliar topic. In foreign countries, especially in countries such as the Netherlands, the United States, and Japan, which have a particularly large stock of shipping containers, they have rich experience in the renovation and design of container buildings.


The container manufacturer said that the design and construction of container buildings has become a mature construction method with a broad market and a relatively high level of design and technology in western developed countries.At the same time, this construction method also directly develops the unique aesthetic value of container architecture, and is gradually developing the container architecture culture. Through a wide range of container stores, art galleries, Accommodation Container, various container art exhibitions, container building DIY websites and other forms of expression continue to emerge.


40‘ accommodation container​


In Western countries, container building has become not only a synonym for rough and cheap, but has become a rather cool art category. There are many owners and designers who love this construction method.


The container manufacturer said that the container building adopts low-carbon, environmentally friendly, green and ecological steel structure materials, which reduces construction time, labor dependence, construction dust and noise pollution, construction waste and sewage discharge. It has the advantages of fast assembly, convenient transportation, and closeness to nature, and can be used in all seasons, all landforms, and all weather. According to different topography and landforms, it can be installed according to local conditions. It has greatly expanded the geographical scope of its use.


At the same time, the interior can also be customized according to different needs and personalized products suitable for self-demand. The container building can be large or small, complex or simple to meet the various targeted needs of different customers for a new accommodation experience. On the premise of ensuring complete functions, the comfort and aesthetics of the room are also realized. It provides people with a comfortable and wild accommodation experience and is assembled in the natural scenery that traditional hotels cannot involve.


Containers are small in design and big in use


The container manufacturer said that the structural design of the container is simple, but the value of the container lies not in this, but in its practicality. Before the appearance of the container, the American Wal-Mart and French ready-to-wear will never bloom everywhere. With the advent of shipping containers, shipping has become so cheap that it is far more cost-effective for a product to be produced in the Eastern Hemisphere to be sold in New York than to be produced in the suburbs of New York. The cost saving in the transportation process comes from the improvement of tools and technology, and this tool and technology comes from the unique structure of the container, which seems simple but has a magical effect, and this is the world brought by a simple technology. change.


The greatest success of the container lies in the standardization of its products and a complete set of transportation systems established thereby. It can standardize a behemoth with a load of dozens of tons, and based on this, gradually realize the logistics system supporting ships, ports, routes, highways, transfer stations, bridges, tunnels, and multimodal transportation worldwide.


The container manufacturer said that the standardization of containers also provides the basis for selection, design and manufacture of container carriers and loading and unloading machinery, so that container transportation becomes a cohesive, professional and efficient transportation system. As a result, system efficiency is greatly improved, transportation costs are greatly reduced, and products produced anywhere on the planet can be quickly and inexpensively shipped to places where they are needed.


40' accommodation container Look down
40′ accommodation container Look down


Container impact


  1. More goods will be transported in containers. Every day, the engineers of container manufacturers are thinking about how to transfer more goods that have not been transported in containers into containers.
  2. Container transportation has been further extended to other transportation fields, such as railway transportation, road transportation, etc. At present, the mainstream transportation equipment in road transportation in developed countries is van semi-trailer, which can be regarded as an extended application of containers. Its transport efficiency has reached a very high level.
  3. The standardization, integration, assembly and other advanced industrial production methods represented by containers are being extended to other industries, which have had varying degrees of impact on industries in the non-logistics field. This extension trend is causing more and more people to Attention and active practice.


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