Dry goods: container factory China knowledge popularization

Logistic Equipment Container is an industry that has been around for over half a century. Since the beginning of container factory China export, the container shipping industry has become one of the most important industries in China.

The development of container transportation mainly includes three aspects:

  1. 1) How to design container transportation.
  2. 2) How to control container transportation.
  3. 3) How to organize container shipping organization.

The advantages of container containers are

  1. The containers can be stacked vertically, and the goods can be brought into and taken out of the warehouse in one operation.
  2. When using multiple containers, each container factory China has its own unloading space.
  3. The container is made of metal or other rigid material with good stability and little risk of damage or leakage.
  4. Containers don’t need a lot of space to store, because they can be packed in a small space, which is more convenient to use at home.
  5. No truck or tractor transportation is required.


What does container factory China mean by large cabinet, small cabinet and double back

  1. Large container generally refers to a 40-foot container, usually 40GP and 40HQ. 45-foot containers are generally considered to be special containers.
  2. A small container generally refers to a 20-foot container, usually 20GP.
  3. Double back refers to two 20-foot cabinets. For example, a trailer pulls two 20-foot containers at the same time; when hoisting in the port, two 20-foot containers are hoisted to the ship at one time.


container factory China LCL, FCL

  1. LCL refers to goods with multiple owners in a container. Small batches of goods that cannot fit into a full container are LCL goods, which are operated as LCL goods.
  2. Full Container Load refers to the goods of only one owner or manufacturer in a container. Larger batches of goods that can be filled with one or more full containers are FCL goods, which are operated according to FCL goods.


What are the common specifications of container factory China?

  1. 40-foot high container (40HC): 40 feet long, 9 feet 6 inches high; about 12.192 meters long, 2.9 meters high, 2.35 meters wide, generally about 68CBM.
  2. 40-foot general container (40GP): 40 feet long, 8 feet 6 inches high; about 12.192 meters long, 2.6 meters high, 2.35 meters wide, generally loaded about 58CBM.
  3. 20-foot general container (20GP): 20 feet long, 8 feet 6 inches high; about 6.096 meters long, 2.6 meters high, 2.35 meters wide, generally about 28CBM.
  4. 45 feet high container (45HC): 45 feet long, 9 feet 6 inches high; about 13.716 meters long, 2.9 meters high, 2.35 meters wide, generally about 75CBM.


What is the difference between a high cabinet and a common cabinet?


The container factory in China’s high cabinet is 1 foot taller than the common cabinet (one foot is equal to 30.44cm). The length and width are the same regardless of whether it is a high cabinet or a common cabinet.


What is the self-weight of the box? What about the heavy box?


  1. Weight of the box: the weight of the box itself. The self-weight of the 20GP is about 1.7 tons, and the self-weight of the 40GP is about 3.4 tons.
  2. Heavy box: refers to the box with the goods, as opposed to the empty box/good box.


What is an empty box or a good box


An empty box is called an empty box. In southern China, especially Guangdong and Hong Kong, empty boxes are usually called auspicious boxes, because in Cantonese, empty and fierce are the same pronunciation, which is unlucky, so southern China is not called empty boxes, but auspicious boxes. The so-called Tiji is still heavy, which is to extract the empty box, pull it to load, and then return the loaded heavy box.


What does back empty box mean? What do you mean by dropbox


  1. Back empty box: refers to the back empty box at the site to the manufacturer or logistics warehouse for loading (usually refers to the export).
  2. Dropbox: refers to the drop box (usually import) after unloading the goods at the factory or logistics warehouse.


What type of box does container factory China DC represent?


DC refers to dry container (Dry Container), 20GP, 40GP, 40HQ and other containers are dry containers.


What type of box does OT stand for?


OT is the abbreviation of Open Top, which refers to an open-top cabinet, that is, a cabinet without a box top and only a tent on the top of the box.


What does half-door mean?


Containers with half-side doors. Also called Open Side Container and Open Top Container.


What is the bill of lading for number of container factory China?


Usually, it is the number that the freight forwarder gives you to carry the box, it may be the order number of the ship owner’s bill (MBL), or it may be the order number of the freight forwarding bill (HBL). Generally, the box can only be backed according to the name of the ship/voyage and the bill of lading number, that is, to extract an Empty or heavy case.


What is the container number/cabinet number of container factory China?


Refers to the number of the container. This number is unique in the world and consists of four letters and seven numbers. The first three letters are the code of the container owner (shipping company or rental company), the fourth letter is U, and the next six letters are U. The number is the serial number, and the last number is the check digit. The box number is usually asked by the driver because the driver only knows the box number when he picks up the box. The box number must be used in customs declaration, document preparation, and warehouse receipt entry.


pre treatment


What does the seal number mean?


It refers to the number of the seal that locks the door of the container. The lead seal is generally provided by the shipping company and needs to be purchased with money, usually 50 yuan each.


What are export goods?


Carry empty boxes at the depot to the factory or logistics warehouse for loading, and then declare at customs for export.


What do imported goods mean?


After import customs clearance, carry heavy boxes at the depot to the manufacturer or designated place to unload the goods.​​


What does container factory China mean?


It usually refers to the place where boxes are stacked and managed on or near the dock. Drivers usually go to the station to carry their boxes. Correspondingly, there is something called the station receipt. The container handover between the station and the driver is handled by the station receipt.


hydrogen container 2


What is generally included in the bill of lading?


The contents of the bill of lading generally include the bill of lading number, ship name and voyage, box weight, cargo description, number of pieces, gross weight, volume, number of boxes, issuer and signature, etc.


What matters should be paid attention to when shipping?


Explain with the owner whether export or import, box type, box volume, cargo weight, location, station and whether to agree, time to the manufacturer, special requirements for boxes, etc.


What problems should container factory China pay attention to when writing a delivery order


It should be written as clearly as possible, because some drivers do not know English letters at all. The name of the ship, the voyage, the bill of lading number, the station, the time of arrival, the manufacturer’s address, the contact number, the special requirements of the box and the special requirements of the manufacturer must be clearly written. If there is an invoice, it should also be clearly written, so that the driver does not make a mistake.


In addition, the issues that should be noted should be written on it. For example, some goods in container factory China have very strict requirements on the cabinet. You must explain it to the driver, so as not to incur costs and cannot explain it to the driver.


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