Container cold storage manufacturer, can be customized?

CIMC Yang Zhou Base as a container supplier, professional container cold storage manufacturer’s products can bring great help to enterprises with transportation or storage needs, and also allow people to enjoy fresh and safe food. Today’s container cold storage has indeed replaced the traditional container preservation method to avoid the spoilage of the products inside, which is also a necessary condition to ensure benefits.


How to carefully select a high-quality container cold storage manufacturer


1.Qualification of the merchant


Choosing high-quality products naturally requires the qualification of container cold storage manufacturers so that qualified products can meet national or international standards, and the qualification standards will also have policy changes in 2022; to put it bluntly, More and more strict, this is a good thing for consumers, and the merchants who can achieve the qualification naturally show that they have technology and quality so that they can buy with confidence.

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2.Merchant’s service


We all know that when buying a lot of products, many people not only pay attention to the quality of the product but also pay attention to the pre-sale and after-sale service. The service is good, and they think it is more worry-free. A good container cold storage manufacturer is also perfect and careful in terms of services, including pre-sale services such as customization services, purchasing plan services, and after-sales services such as installation and maintenance services.


3.Types of products


High-quality container cold storage manufacturer can provide customers with different kinds of products, not only due to superior manufacturing technology but also mainly to meet customers’ one-stop purchasing needs, so we can see the regular merchants in China. To a large number of products or samples, the scale also shows that its strength is trustworthy.


The role of container cold storage


1.Improve the freshness and prolong the freshness time

We all know that when there is no container cold storage, the traditional way to keep fresh is to use ice or cover it with quilts. Still, this kind of preservation or the speed of delaying melting and spoilage is very limited, and the melting of ice will bring great harm to products. The pollution and impact are more serious, and not all products are suitable for cryopreservation. After that, there was dry ice, but the investment cost in this area is also relatively large, and there is no value for reuse. The birth and upgrade of refrigeration equipment can be said to have brought great help to preservation and storage, and in a constant temperature state, the products in the container can be maintained at the most suitable temperature.


2.Anti-mildew, non-toxic and corrosion-resistant


In terms of preservation of crisper boxes, people have used almost everything from ancient times to the present. In addition to physical methods, they also use chemical methods, which may have some effect on prolonging corruption, but the damage caused by chemistry is also not tolerated. It is ignored, and the container cold storage can avoid this very well. The Cold Storage Container produced by CIMC Yang Zhou Base as a container supplier will not cause pollution and poison to the product, nor will it bring corrosion to the packaging or container. Effect.

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3.More energy saving and money saving


With the development of China’s technology and the improvement of people’s awareness of environmental protection, many products have become more and more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and container cold storage manufacturers have also seen this. More energy-saving and cost-effective products have also come out one after another. Of course, the ones that save energy and money without affecting the use effect are more popular than the traditional ones that consume a lot of money.


The prospect of container cold storage


Nowadays, domestic and foreign trade exchanges are becoming more and more frequent, and the ports and terminals are bustling every day, especially China, which is not only in the stage of rapid development but also has experienced explosive trade growth after the epidemic. With the recovery of exports and transportation, container cold storage has become an indispensable and important tool in transportation. Although many domestic and foreign ports have developed transportation, there are inevitably some reasons that cannot be delivered in time. Container cold storage is a huge economic loss. With container cold storage, even if the goods need to be transported and stored for an extended period of time, there is no need to worry about corruption and deterioration, which shows its role.


In the news, we also occasionally hear about the strike of port workers in a particular country or the accident of shipping. If there is no container cold storage, then these delayed transportation will be a test for the storage of products in the container and will bring more large economic losses. And as a big economy, more and more countries are cooperating with us. With the progress of trade and the increase of orders, more and more container cold storages will be needed. Therefore, the future and prospects of this industry will also rise with the tide.


Then if you also have the need for container cold storage, the first thing is to find a professional and reliable container cold storage manufacturer, and then put forward your purchase or order appeal, so that you can get satisfactory service. Regarding choosing container cold storage manufacturer, it is good to judge according to the content described above.CIMC Yang Zhou Base as a container supplier and manufacturer, is very experienced in Cold Storage Container; if necessary, you can contact right now for consultation!

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