Are there many people who choose to use Container prefab house?

There are many types of houses, and different houses have different prices. Therefore, when the price of houses rises, many people will consider using Container prefab when choosing houses. However, there are different categories, you can first understand which categories are available, and who are the people who use them, and then choose.

What are the classifications of Container prefab?


1. Container type

This type of Container prefab is a kind of container room transformed from traditional container boxes, mainly for the reuse of waste gas cargo containers. The prefab house will be used for a longer time and the price is more reasonable, attracting many people to choose.

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2. Welding box type

This kind of welded prefab is a kind of residential container house that has been particularly popular in recent years. Because its technology is relatively close to a type of container, it is also called Container prefab. This type of container-type mobile house is slightly lower than the container in terms of technical standards, but its main characteristics are that the installation is faster, the transportation is more convenient, the movement is also more convenient, the cost is relatively low, and the service life can generally be Nearly 20 years or so, so this kind of prefab house is also one that many demanders are willing to choose.


3. Disassembly box

The container-type prefab house is between the prefab house and the container house and uses modular production technology. It is a kind of mobile house, so it is more advantageous in the whole use and transportation. The cost is relatively low, especially in terms of transportation cost, since it can be disassembled and assembled, the transportation cost can be greatly reduced.


What are the characteristics?


1. Complete interior decoration

The interior of the Container prefab is completely renovated, it can also be connected to external electricity, and it can have built-in air conditioners, including lighting, some tables, chairs, and benches. You can move in immediately. Especially this kind of simple movable room is not only insulated, but also shockproof, windproof, moistureproof, waterproof, and anti-leakage. In terms of environmental protection, safety, and other aspects, it is a kind of mobile house that can be trusted.


2. Longer service life

Like the general prefab house, the use time is not long, it can only be used for a few years, and it needs maintenance during the use process, so not only the investment is high, but also the effect of heat insulation is not good, and there are many hidden dangers. However, the current Container prefab has a relatively long service life, which can reach about 20 years in general.


3. Can be assembled quickly

China’s container-type prefabs are also relatively fast in assembly and can be completed quickly, especially if you want to do some small business through it, you can start business immediately after assembly because the facilities inside are already complete. The use of such a prefabricated house for investment is relatively fast due to its low price and relatively fast cost recovery.


Under what circumstances would you choose a container-type prefab?


1. Construction site

In order to save money and make the migrant workers on the construction site live comfortably, the construction site has replaced the prefab house with a Container prefab. Because this kind of house is quicker to install and the facilities inside have been renovated, it is a kind of mobile house that is relatively simple and practical, can ensure safety, and can be used for a long time. In many construction sites, many bosses are willing to help farmers Workers provide this kind of house.


2. Relocated families are willing to choose prefabricated houses

Our country demolishes a large number of old houses every year. After the demolition, ordinary people like these need to rent a house, but the rental price is relatively expensive. By comparing and choosing prefabricated houses, the relative price is cheaper. And even if you sell it when you’re not using it, it’s easier to sell and you won’t lose too much money, so this kind of house is also one that many relocating families are willing to choose.


3. First-tier cities, second-and third-tier cities are used for renting


Since there are more migrant workers in China, in first-tier cities and second-and third-tier cities, in order to satisfy migrant workers renting houses, they will also choose Container prefab. Through such houses, they can quickly earn back the cost due to their low investment. In addition, it has been used for a long time, and many discerning people are willing to invest in renting.


China CIMC YangZhou Base as a container supplier, the Container prefab developed by it has many categories and many advantages, and it is a simple house suitable for a wide range of people. Due to the low investment and practicality, many cities and even many rural areas are willing to live in such houses. Especially now, many young people, whose houses are too expensive to buy, can also choose this kind of mobile house as a transition, and then choose to buy commercial houses when they have money.

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