Mud Logging Set With Power Unit Certificated By DNV

CIMC Yangzhou base is developing a complete mud logging set for oil and gas logging, to provide cable logging services for land and offshore fields, specialized in the hazardous flammable and explosive areas. It has two parts, one unit of positive pressure explosion-proof, one unit with explosion-proof power gen-set, and a hydraulic system.

The complete mud logging set, including explosion-proof engine system, hydraulic system, main sled body, power sled body structure, and CPFG system has passed the FMECA failure safety analysis by the Norwegian Classification Society in accordance with the DNVGL-SE 0474 standard requirements. The classification society checks the potential risk of failure one by one, then submits the DNV audit department in Abu Town, UK. Finally, DNV will certify the whole system for structure, electrical, safety, and reliability.


The Mud Logging Set Features:


1. All service providers of oil and gas logging in international seas and NorwegianDrilling Rig must have the equipment certified by the Norwegian Classification Society in order to be eligible to bid.

If you want to provide cable logging services for rigs, it is necessary to import from the UK, though their equipment is expensive and with long lead times.

In the current political situation, only rely on our own strength to solve the current monopoly dilemma, we should build it by ourselves.

Development of this product, means a breakthrough of zero, so as to achieve our native logging equipment certified by the high international standards, production autonomy, safety standards fully meet the DNV requirements, the overall performance catch up with similar international standards.

2.To provide a safe and reliable external power source for mud logging set in offshore oil platform wellhead hazardous zone.

3.Breakthrough the history of domestic power units not capable to operate in hazardous areas.

4.Realize the function of remote observation and control, automatic control, shut-down, and fire extinguishing in extreme situations.



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