Container House Assembly Methods Are Diversified

Ⅰ. Introduce


The advancement of science and technology has made today’s life faster and more convenient. Clothing, food, housing, and transportation are now even more convenient. It is precisely because of the high efficiency of container construction that it has become a new favorite in the construction industry. The popular prefab clinic also came into being.


As long as the container has a flat open space, it can directly build a convenient and movable home. Long queues and living in corridors are common in many hospitals in China, and the birth of container hospitals has successfully alleviated the dilemma of “hard to find a bed” in hospitals, and largely solved the problem of “difficulty in seeing a doctor” for ordinary people. A century problem.

generator container end view

popular prefab clinic retains the industrial elements of container modules in appearance, to make full use of the architectural form of fragmented land, combined with the concept of green and environmental protection to create a new field of modular building applications. advantage.


Ⅱ. Containers named for usage


1.Ordinary civil house


In fact, it is not unfamiliar to people who mention folding containers, because ordinary civilian folding containers can be seen everywhere, such as the most obvious existence in construction areas all over the world. Many construction companies carry out construction in a designated area, and such a long-term construction project requires a large number of construction workers to participate. Folding containers are used as civil housing for construction workers.


The modular living quarter container house has a strong industrial style outside, and the interior has a variety of modern decoration styles, plus it can make different shapes, even you don’t know that this is a house made of containers. One extension of use is container hotels, container homestays, and the popular Internet celebrity check-in places in recent years.


2.Vacation Home Containers


The creation of containers can provide vacationers with a more comfortable and convenient vacation journey, and the creativity of containers is endless.


3.Container Office


Container offices can be placed near commercial streets, squares, and financial centers, and they are quite aesthetically valuable in appearance. If you urgently need an office as a temporary office or want to find an office in a short period of time, the container office is a good choice.


4.Container vacuum self-priming toilet


The second is the container toilet. The container vacuum self-priming toilet can improve the problem of wasting water resources, and it can discharge sewage very quickly with very little water; at the same time, the production cycle of the container toilet is short, and it can be used after being transported to the site and installed. . It is suitable for scenic spots and plateau areas.


5.Container Store


Now that China’s street stall economy has been liberalized, many bosses have chosen container stores. Compared with traditional stores, container stores are completely their own, and there is no need to pay extra rent; the location of stores can also be adjusted at any time according to passenger flow. In addition to container stores, there are also container kiosks, container cafes, and container bars that sell goods.


6.Container Sales Department


We often see large container complexes near the city center of China Commercial Plaza, which may even become a city landmark. This kind of complex is also rich in functions, some are used for office, some are used for living, some are used for selling houses and receiving customers, and some are only used for display.


7.Container Pool


It may be rare to see such a large container swimming pool in China, but it does exist, and for many young people, often gathering with friends, the swimming pool has almost become an essential element. Compared with traditional swimming pools, container swimming pools have various styles and complete equipment, which reduces labor costs and cleaning costs.


8.Container equipment room


In addition, you should have never heard of the container equipment room. This equipment room, as the name suggests, is used to store equipment. There is no place to put machinery and equipment, and if you want to free up some space, a container equipment room is a good choice.


CIMC Yang Zhou Base as a container manufacturer, its container can not only be used as a building form such as a popular prefab clinic, but also as a building material, or together with other materials, to form a rich and diverse space experience. Due to the unique interest of container buildings, more and more people are willing to try to live in such “box” buildings. The container building has the characteristics of modularization, and its construction period is short. When partial transformation is required, it is only necessary to split the module units for independent construction. Compared with traditional buildings, it is more convenient, and at the same time, it ensures the integrity of the building and prolongs the use of the building life.

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