CIMC Yangzhou Base: Building a Ten Billion Yangzhou Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park

Recently, the CIMC container segment Yangzhou Tonglee Base (hereinafter referred to as “CIMC Yangzhou Base”) and the world’s No. 1 wind turbine manufacturer – Denmark Vestas Wind Technology Group (English name “VESTAS”, hereinafter referred to as The “Yangzhou CIMC Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park” jointly built by “Vestas”) officially started construction.


This marks a major breakthrough in the transformation of CIMC Containers to intelligentization, and is also a key part of the industrial layout of the “Zhongxing Strategy” of CIMC Containers. The park will focus on building a domestic leading tens of billions of green manufacturing demonstration parks and high-end intelligent manufacturing benchmark parks.

tank container 2

According to reports, the project covers a total area of 678 acres and is located in Yangzhou Economic Development Zone, adjacent to Yangzhou Port.

With the theme of intelligent manufacturing, the industrial park covers leading industries such as wind turbine cabin production lines, new energy equipment production lines, and green building industrialization production lines. , the leading enterprises in the construction industry, and work together to create a high-tech innovation industrial base for green manufacturing.


At the groundbreaking ceremony, Huang Tianhua, vice president of CIMC Group and president of CIMC Container Holding Co., Ltd., said that the construction of the intelligent manufacturing industrial park at CIMC Yangzhou Base is a milestone development achievement of the “Stars Strategy” of the container sector. Boost the industrial pattern of CIMC Yangzhou base to upgrade to new energy and modular buildings, and extend to the high-end value chain of integrated equipment.


According to reports, with the development trend of large-scale wind power equipment, Vestas’ wind turbine components often encounter difficulties such as difficulty in maritime logistics and transportation, and high costs. If the concept of containerization and modularization is applied to the design of its wind power cabins It will greatly facilitate its multimodal transportation and hoisting process.


After nearly a year of inspection and review, in September 2021, CIMC Yangzhou Base officially became the strategic partner of Vestas in the modular manufacturing of wind power equipment, undertaking the internal integration business of modular nacelles and side nacelles production tasks.


Rafael, President of Vestas Asia Pacific Purchasing


In order to implement the incremental business of Vestas wind power integration as soon as possible, the new heavy-duty workshop, heavy-duty storage yard and assembly production line, and the introduction of advanced equipment technology, the intelligent manufacturing industrial park project came into being.

storage yard 1

Rafael, President of Vestas Asia Pacific Purchasing, said that he was looking forward to mass production of Vestas’ flagship products in the new smart manufacturing base. He hoped that the close cooperation between the two parties could provide new transportation solutions for large wind turbines for the global wind power market. , to produce more sustainable and renewable products for the world.


It is also understood that the intelligent manufacturing industrial park will also be committed to providing containerized integrated solutions for the integrated computer room of photovoltaic power plants, and cooperate with leading enterprises in the construction field to develop more high-performance modular green buildings, so as to facilitate the digital transformation and development of the construction industry. The coordinated development of the industry vertical industry chain provides a variety of solutions.


The industrial park project was highly recognized and supported by the local government. Zhang Baojuan, secretary of the Yangzhou Municipal Party Committee, attended the ceremony and announced the start of the project.


Pan Xueyuan, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Yangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, said that the CIMC Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park project is a “big effort” for heavyweight enterprises to join forces and deepen cooperation. Elongate and expand the intelligent manufacturing industry chain, and sprint to the goal of “double 100 billion over 10 billion” to provide strong impetus.


Whether it is in the wind power industry, photovoltaic industry or construction industry, CIMC is expanding from the traditional single container to the related “stars” field based on the manufacturing and service experience accumulated in the past 40 years, providing standardized, integrated and integrated services. style solution.


Taking the enhancement of R&D and intelligent manufacturing capabilities as the starting point, CIMC is determined to provide “CIMC solutions” for the vast number of emerging industries with strategic prospects in China, and to explore new driving forces for CIMC’s development, looking forward to taking Yangzhou Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park as a milestone At this point, CIMC’s container business has embarked on a fast track for transformation and upgrading, contributing more to the standardization and intelligence of China’s logistics, storage and transportation for all walks of life.

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