Application Of Prefab Container Home

As a container manufacturer, CIMC Yangzhou Base refers to a large container with certain strength, rigidity and specifications for turnover. When using containers to transfer goods, when changing vehicles or ships midway, there is no need to remove the goods from the box for replacement, which saves a lot of time, so the container is considered a great invention.


With the development and progress of modern industrialization, the characteristics of container equipment are favored by various industries. Prefab container homes are also becoming more and more popular. Here are ten typical prefab container homes.


Introduction of prefab container home


1.prefab container home-generator


The generator set container is a kind of movable generator set equipment, which can be used in various fields such as power construction, medical emergency, highway and railway, petrochemical and so on. These containers are well sealed, fully enclosed, rain-proof, snow-proof and dust-proof, and can work in harsh environments. At the same time, sound-absorbing cotton is generally laid around the box and the ceiling, and the soundproof effect is good.

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2.prefab container home-sewage treatment


With the rapid rise of the Industrial Revolution, water pollution has become an important social problem in a country. The emergence of prefab container home transformation sewage treatment equipment box has solved this problem very well. The main principle of the sewage treatment facility is to connect it to the waste water discharge pipe through the filtering and disinfection device, so that the domestic waste water can meet the discharge standard or be reused.


These sewage treatment facilities are integrated into containers for easy transportation. It can not only prolong the service life of the whole set of equipment, extend its use range, but also reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 70% compared with the traditional civil form of sewage treatment plants.


3.prefab container home-energy storage


At present, the global energy transition is accelerating. In order to alleviate the clustering of new energy power generation on the stability of the power grid, energy storage is the primary task. .prefab container home-energy storage system has the characteristics of simplified infrastructure construction cost, short construction period, high degree of modularity, easy transportation and installation, etc. It can be applied to thermal, wind, solar and other power stations or islands, communities, schools, scientific research institutions , factories, large load centers and other applications.


4.prefab container home-data center


With the enrichment and diversification of people’s communication methods, the development of big data has significantly increased the requirements for the speed of data center construction. As a modular solution, the prefab container home container data center has outstanding characteristics, obvious advantages and great development potential. High density, low power usage efficiency, rapid deployment, and one-stop professional services are all characteristics of data center containers.


5.prefab container home-refrigerated container


China is now the world’s largest importer of reefer containers and frozen and refrigerated food. The reefer container adopts galvanized steel structure, and the inner wall, bottom plate, top plate and door of the box are made of aluminum plate, stainless steel plate or polyester. The prefab container home reefer container is a container specially designed for the transportation of refrigerated or low-temperature goods that require a certain temperature, and is suitable for special containers for the transportation and storage of various perishable foods.

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6.prefab container home-aquaculture


In recent years, the aquaculture industry is suffering from a significant reduction, and “returning the net to the lake” is being implemented in various places. This is due to the low yield and efficiency of traditional aquaculture methods such as pond culture, but they cause serious pollution to the environment. A new model of container farming with prefab container home as the carrier came into being. Container aquaculture technology, also known as controlled container circulating water green ecological aquaculture technology, realizes efficient utilization of resources and recycled water through functional modules such as water quality measurement and control, feces collection, water purification, constant temperature oxygen supply, aquaponics and smart fishery. , environmental protection and energy saving, green production, risk control goals.


7.prefab container home-explosion-proof


Explosion-proof containers refer to special containers that are modified on the basis of ordinary containers and can store flammable and explosive items such as alcohol, fuel, chemicals, medicines, and dangerous goods. When an explosion occurs, the shock wave is blocked and attenuated by the box body, resulting in deformation of the box body, but it will not harm other goods and related facilities, which can effectively protect the safety of transportation tools and personnel.


8.prefab container home-military


Military Container is a container equipped for military shipments, with a certain volume and durability, and can be used repeatedly during vehicle transportation. It is equipped with devices that facilitate quick loading, unloading and transshipment, and is an important transport equipment used in conjunction with various means of transport.


9.prefab container home-water quality monitoring


Online monitoring of water quality is an important basic work to provide systematic water quality data for the development, utilization and protection of water and soil resources, and is the basis for scientific management and protection of water ecology, water resources, and water safety. The container-type water quality automatic monitoring station integrates the water quality monitoring instrument into the container, which is convenient for quick and easy on-site installation and commissioning. cost.


10.prefab container home-charging


Electric vehicles have rapidly entered people’s daily life. With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, there is an urgent need to solve the problem of electric vehicle charging. The container-type charging station integrates all the hardware of the charging system into a container, which solves the problems of long-term and high-cost completion that required many personnel and equipment in the previous construction.


As a container manufacturer, CIMC Yangzhou Base can meet various needs in terms of prefab container home. If you have container needs, I look forward to your call!


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