The Status And Suggestions Of Container Cold Chain Logistics

With the increase in demand for food production, transportation, and consumption, food loss in the circulation process is also increasing, and the product quality requirements are constantly improving. At this stage, refrigerated containers are recognized as the most suitable logistics equipment for the cold chain in the world. Therefore, solving the logistics service capacity of complex container chains can conform to the development direction of today’s cold chain and improve the level of hard chain logistics service.


1. Main Problems In Container Cold Chain Logistics Services


  1. Insufficient utilization of complex chain resources;
  2. Container cold chain construction is slow, and the scope of logistics services is limited;
  3. The quality of complex chain logistics services is low, the effectiveness of logistics services is not high, and customer satisfaction is not high;
  4. The speed of cold-chain container development towards intelligence is slow, some information needs to be manually input, and the work efficiency is low;
  5. The operation of refrigerated containers is complex, and the training of personnel skills is insufficient;
  6. The pre-cooling technology is not used reasonably, and the capacity optimization of the refrigeration processing system is inadequate;
  7. The cold chain container has a significant loss, and attention should pay to energy-saving optimization during transportation.


2. Container Cold Chain Logistics Application


2.1 Application Of Cold Storage Heat Preservation Container In Vegetable Circulation


The cold storage type heat preservation container protects the quality of vegetables by using the foam box group, the foam box + ice group, reduces the loss of vegetable products in circulation, guarantees the quality of vegetables, reduces the energy consumption and cost of cold chain logistics, and improves economic benefits.


refrigerated sea container overlook
refrigerated sea container


2.2 Application of military refrigerated containers in the cold chain


Military refrigerated containers are widely used in food freezing or cold storage, blood storage, water treatment, battlefield computer studios, battlefield command posts, and medical applications.


2.3 The application of refrigeration sea container in the cold chain


The transportation mode of sea transportation is being transformed from refrigerated ship transportation to refrigerated cargo transportation, and the scale is constantly developing.


Cold Storage Container Internal display
Cold Storage Container


2.4 The application of refrigerated railway containers in the cold chain


The primary business process of refrigerated railway containers is constantly developing and progressing. The business process of refrigerated container transportation based on direct and express vehicles, the principle of high efficiency, and generalization has gradually formed.


3. Suggestions for container cold chain logistics


3.1 Under the premise of ensuring product quality, implement intelligent and information management


Product quality and food safety are the prerequisites for the quality of logistics services. With the continuous development of the cold chain of agricultural products, companies that attach importance to product quality and safety will gain a good consumer and market reputation.


3.2 Improve the efficiency of cold chain transportation and reduce costs


The unified operation efficiency of the cold container chain is high, and the operation efficiency of the cold container chain will be improved after reaching a particular scale, which is convenient for unified management. Therefore, the limited resources of the enterprise should be used as much as possible to expand the use of refrigerated containers and improve the enterprise by improving the cold chain capacity The overall strength of logistics.

With the expansion of the business scope, it is necessary to layer the refrigerated container positions of the newly built container ships and add energy-saving and environmentally-friendly new refrigerated container equipment to reduce the cost in the long run.


container cold storage
container cold storage


3.3 Expand market share and strengthen the training of cold chain logistics professionals


The large-scale development of the cold container chain needs to expand the market scope. Therefore, the company should expand its business scope as much as possible, including fish, meat, eggs, flowers, medicines, etc., to increase revenue.

Strengthening personnel training can not only improve customer satisfaction but also help increase market share. However, this also requires logistics to be in line with high-tech, providing customers with solutions such as air supply, high humidity, cold treatment, and ultra-low temperature.

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