Prebuilt Container Homes Outdoor Components Modular Design

With the continuous application and development of Prebuilt Container Homes, a single Prebuilt Container Homes has long been unable to meet customers’ space requirements, resulting in Prebuilt Container Homes consisting of multiple house containers. Due to the large footprint of Prebuilt Container Homes, a vertically built Prebuilt Container Homes was created to break through site restrictions.

With the rise of vertical Prebuilt Container Homes, prebuilt Container Homes outdoor accessories such as stairs, sun canopies, walkways, etc.

Prebuilt Container Homes outdoor accessories use bulk on-site installation, with long installation cycles and higher installation costs. Based on the above situation, the outdoor corridor and staircase are taken as an example. The Prebuilt Container Homes outdoor parts are designed to reduce the difficulty of on-site installation, shorten the installation cycle, and thus effectively reduce the installation cost of Prebuilt Container Homes.


Modular Building-hotel


1.Prebuilt Container Homes Outdoor Parts Traditional Design


Under the traditional design of Prebuilt Container Homes, the components of outdoor corridors and staircases (including columns, walkways, handrails, sun canopies, staircases and various connection pieces) are transported to their destination via dedicated transport racks and, in the order of installation, via the connector site group Complete outdoor corridors and staircases.

Traditional design solutions have the following problems:

Packaged and transported parts, inventory is complex, often missing parts phenomenon, affecting the installation progress on site, and in transit is at risk of damage;

The uncertainties caused by long on-site installation cycles can delay delivery due to higher installation costs.


2.Prebuilt Container Homes Outdoor Parts Modular Design

To solve the problem of the traditional design of outdoor parts, the outdoor parts can be assembled into integral module units in the container factory and shipped to the destination, reducing on-site assembly work and realizing the rapid installation of Prebuilt Container Homes.

Modular outdoor corridor and staircase are composed of the sun canopy, column, handrail, walkway and other components. Each component is welded into a whole module in the factory: by the walkway as the bottom plate, handrail as a side plate, column as the corner column, and set the corner pieces and lugs, to form a frame container, according to the test requirements of the container mould Lumpy outdoor corridors and stairs to carry out the necessary strength tests to equip available containers for transport and lifting capacity to be installed on-site after being transported to its destination following the mode of transportation of containers.


3.Advantages Of The Modular Design Of Prebuilt Container Homes Outdoor Parts

  1. The need to pack and transport parts are reduced, and leakage risk is reduced during the on-site installation.
  2. on-site installation parts are reduced, the probability of component damage during installation is reduced, which is conducive to lowering the late paint repair work.
  3. The installation site needs to be hoisted reduced, which is conducive to improving installation efficiency, shortening installation time and saving installation costs.
  4. The outdoor bulk module hoisting in place only need to install the connector, the installation process is simple, and the safety risks faced by the staff are significantly reduced.
  5. It can effectively control the installation costs on-site and meet customers’ needs for quick occupancy. Prebuilt Container Homes is in line with the market trends.


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