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CIMC Yang Zhou Base as container factory china stated that container transportation is a highly efficient and cost-effective transportation method, with small safety risks, high loading and unloading efficiency, low labor costs, and less cargo damage, which is conducive to the development of multimodal transportation by railways, waterways, and highways. Intermodal transport, the construction of a modern comprehensive transportation system in which multiple modes of transportation are coordinated, is of great significance for accelerating the development of my country’s logistics industry, reducing the logistics cost of the whole society, and promoting the sustained and rapid development of the national economy.

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The useful life of the container


The simple iron container, due to the blind pursuit of low price, fast construction period, and cheap materials, has a service life of less than 5 years, while customized containers, based on better material selection, generally have a service life of about 30 years.


 Material difference


1. Steel container


Its frame and box wall panels are made of steel. The biggest advantages are high strength, firm structure, good weldability and water tightness, low price, easy repair, and not easy to damage. The main disadvantages are heavy weight and poor corrosion resistance.


2. Aluminum container


There are two kinds of aluminum containers: one is steel frame aluminum plate; the other is only steel at both ends of the frame, and the rest are aluminum. The main advantages are light weight, no rust, beautiful appearance, good elasticity, and not easy to deform. The main disadvantage is that it is expensive and easily damaged by collision.


3. Stainless steel container


Generally, stainless steel is used to make tank containers. The main advantages of stainless steel containers are high strength, no rust, and good corrosion resistance. The disadvantage is that the investment is large.


How container houses are anti-corrosion and anti-rust


  1. Galvanized steel sheet can be used as the material, and the zinc layer is added, and the corrosion resistance will be better.
  2. Epoxy revival primer is used to enhance the adhesion between the paint surface and the steel plate on the bottom surface.
  3. Add an acrylic intermediate paint for the second attachment, and then use a layer of acrylic acid topcoat to make the entire thickness and appearance better, which is equivalent to putting a piece of clothing on the container for protection. That is, it has a good-looking appearance and a good protective film.


 How to insulate the centralized box


  1. CIMC Yang Zhou Base as container factory china means black steel plate with polystyrene foam inside, which has been processed into a new type of building material, which has a high heat insulation effect.
  2. When the Accommodation Container is built, the thickness of the foam is increased to play a good role in heat preservation.
  3. Rock wool also has a certain heat insulation effect.
  4. Put the container in a shaded place with greenery and a built-in air conditioner. More effective heat protection.


Precautions for mixing


CIMC Yang Zhou Base as container factory china said that when a general enterprise exports, the main concern during the loading process is that the cargo data is incorrect, the cargo is damaged, and the data does not match the customs declaration data, which will cause the customs to not release it. Therefore, before loading the logistic equipment container, the consignor, warehouse, and freight forwarder must coordinate carefully to avoid this situation from happening.


  1. Goods of different shapes and different packages should not be packed together as much as possible.
  2. Goods that will leak dust, liquid, moisture, odor, etc. from the packaging should not be put together with other goods as much as possible.
  3. Light goods are placed on top of relatively heavy goods.
  4. Goods with weak packaging strength should be placed on top of goods with strong packaging strength.
  5. Liquid goods and cleaning goods should be placed under other goods as much as possible.
  6. For goods with sharp corners or protruding parts, they need to be covered to avoid damage to other goods.


 Container Loading Tips


CIMC Yang Zhou Base as container factory china reminds that there are usually three methods for on-site packing of container goods: that is, all packing by manpower, moving into the box by forklift truck (forklift), and then stacking by manpower and all Use mechanical packing, such as pallets (pallets) to be stacked in the box with a forklift truck.


  1. In any case, when the goods are loaded into the container, the weight of the goods in the box cannot exceed the maximum loading capacity of the container, that is, the total amount of the container minus the self-weight of the container. Under normal circumstances, the total weight and dead weight will be marked on the door of the container.
  2. The unit density of each container is fixed, so when loading the same kind of goods in the box, as long as you know the density of the goods, you can determine whether it is heavy or light.
  3. When loading, the load on the bottom of the box must be balanced, and it is especially strictly forbidden to have the center of gravity of the load at one end.
  4. Avoid concentrated loads. “For example, when loading heavy goods such as machinery and equipment, the bottom of the box should be covered with padding materials such as wood boards to spread the load as much as possible.
  5. When using manual loading, pay attention to whether there are loading and unloading instructions on the package such as “not upside down”, “flat”, “vertical”, etc. Be sure to use the loading tools correctly, and it is forbidden to use hand hooks for bundled goods. The goods in the box should be loaded neatly and tightly.
  6. When loading pallet cargo, it is necessary to accurately grasp the internal dimensions of the container and the external dimensions of the cargo packaging, so as to calculate the number of loaded pieces, to minimize abandonment and load more cargo.
  7. When packing with a forklift truck, it will be limited by the free lifting height of the machine and the height of the mast. Therefore, when conditions permit, the forklift can load two layers at a time, but there must be a certain gap between the upper and lower sides.
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