CIMC Yangzhou Base builds The World’s First Modular Wind Turbine Cabin For Vestas

In December 2021, Yangzhou Tonglee Reefer Container Co., Ltd.(referred to as CIMC Yangzhou Base) and the world’s largest wind power producer, Vestas Wind Technology Group (referred to as: Vestas) held a meeting The first modular offshore wind turbine side nacelle rolled off the assembly line. This indicates that CIMC Yangzhou Base is actively exploring and developing the new energy industry.

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Vestas’ full name is Vestas Wind Systems A/S. It is the world’s leading wind turbine equipment manufacturer and a leader in the world’s new energy field. It has industry-leading experience and operation and maintenance scale in both onshore and offshore wind power fields. The country has more than 145 GW of installed capacity, including more than 7 GW of offshore wind capacity.


As wind turbine components become larger and more efficient, wind energy inevitably encounters logistical challenges as it travels to all corners of the world.

In order to overcome this challenge derived from bigger and stronger, Vestas is working hard to apply containerization and modularization to its wind power cabin design to adapt to the multimodal transportation and hoisting of large-scale wind turbines around the world.


CIMC Yangzhou Base is a well-known enterprise in the field of containerized and modularized manufacturing. It has advantages in containerized, modularized integrated design and production. In recent years, it has customized modular generator boxes for Aggreko, MTU, etc. , GE built modular electrical boxes, and built energy storage containers for Narada Power and Trina Solar, which were highly appreciated by customers.


Based on the complementary advantages and needs of both parties, CIMC Yangzhou Base and Vestas have reached a strong alliance strategy. The cooperation between the two parties mainly focuses on the modularization of the wind turbine cabin, as well as the integration of internal electrical equipment.

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Modular cabins consist of a main cabin and one or more side cabins. They are all dimensioned to meet common industrial logistics standards, such as container standards for road, rail and ocean transport. This means that the modular nacelle unit can be transported fully adapted to the existing conditions of the infrastructure such as tunnels, bridge heights, railways, etc. without special handling.


“The newly rolled-off modular nacelle concept will help Vestas create customized and more powerful models, while at the same time solving the transportation problems arising from the large-scale wind turbine components, which will help Vestas global wind power Market development, while giving CIMC Containers new vitality.” said the person in charge of the Yangzhou base.


At present, the side cabin is about to be shipped to Vestas Offshore Project for testing. The relevant staff of CIMC Yangzhou Base are working intensively on the design of the main cabin, which is expected to go offline in the second half of 2022.


According to Vestas’ market plan, it is full of confidence in the future, especially the demand for offshore wind power is increasing year by year. From 2022 to 2023, it is mainly the sample box and the climbing stage. After the fourth quarter of 2023, the modular engine room will be supplied in batches.


The close cooperation between the two parties will create economies of scale in the entire wind turbine value chain and the global energy system, and promote the large-scale development of renewable energy power such as offshore wind energy.

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