Application Advantages, Classification And Operation Of Container Substations

1. Advanced technology, safety, and reliability. The container substation body adopts the current domestic leading technology and craftsmanship. The outer shell is generally made of galvanized steel plate. The frame adopts standard container materials and manufacturing techniques.


It has superb anti-corrosion performance and could keep corrosion at bay for 20 years. The inner sealing plate adopts an aluminum alloy buckle plate, and the inter-layer adopts Fireproof and thermal insulation materials, air-conditioning and de-humidification devices are installed in the cabinet, and the operation of the equipment is not affected by the natural climate environment and external pollution and can ensure normal operation in the harsh environment of -40℃~+40℃.


2. Higher degree of automation. The whole container substation is intelligently designed, and the protection system adopts the substation microcomputer integrated automation device and is installed in a decentralized manner. The automation can realize the “four remotes”, namely, remote measurement, remote signaling, remote control, and remote adjustment. Each unit has independent operation functions and complete relay protection functions which can remotely set the operating parameters, control the humidity and temperature in the cabinet, as well as a remote smoke alarm to meet the requirements of unmanned duty; Let’s not forget the remote monitoring of images can also be realized according to needs as well.


3. Factory prefabrication. As long as the designer makes a design of the main wiring diagram and the equipment outside the box according to the actual requirements of the substation when designing, the operator can choose the specifications and models of the box substation provided by the container manufacturer. All the equipment is installed and debugged in the factory to be qualified, and the substation is truly realized. Building factory, shortening the design and manufacturing cycle; site installation only requires cabinet positioning, cable connection between cabinets, outgoing cable connection, protection setting verification, transmission test, and other work that needs to be debugged. The entire substation is from installation to commissioning. It only takes about 5 to 8 days, which greatly shortens the construction period.


25mw photovoltaic energy storage 27.5mw30.14mwh solar storage integration project in yorkshire uk 1
Solar container external view


4. The combination method is flexible. The container substation has a relatively compact structure, and the container constitutes an independent system, which makes the combination mode flexible and changeable. The user can freely combine some modes according to the actual situation to meet the needs of safe operation.


5. The province of investment has quick results. Compared with conventional substations of the same scale, container substations reduce investment by 40%-50%. Due to the selection of advanced equipment, especially the operation of oil-free equipment, the equipment leakage problem in conventional substations is completely solved. The implementation of state-of-the-art maintenance reduces the workload of maintenance, can save operation and maintenance costs, and the overall economic benefits are very considerable.


6. Small footprint. The container substation is selected, which is only 1/10 of the area of the substation of the same scale. It can be installed and put into production by making full use of the center of the street, the square, and the corner of the factory, which is in line with the policy of saving land.


7. Appealing appearance and easy to coordinate with the environment. The container shell adopts an aluminum-zinc steel plate and container manufacturing technology, and the design of appearance is quite appealing. Under the premise of ensuring the reliability of the power supply, by selecting the shell color of the container substation, it is easy to coordinate with the surrounding environment. It is especially suitable for urban construction, such as densely populated areas like urban residential quarters, stations, ports, airports, parks, green belts, etc., it can be used as a fixed substation or a mobile substation as well.


cold storage container 1
Cold storage container


8. Classification of container substations


  1. Assembled type. The high and low-voltage complete sets of equipment and transformers are packed into metal boxes, and there are operating corridors in the high and low voltage power distribution devices. This type of container transformer is relatively large in size and is rarely used now.
  2. Combined device type. Instead of using the existing complete set of devices, the high and low voltage control and protection electrical equipment are directly packed into the container to form a whole. The design is based on maintenance-free considerations, no operating corridors, and small cabinets. It is also called European-style container change or ordinary container change.
  3. One-piece type. Simplify the high-voltage control and protection device. Putting the high-and-low-voltage power distribution device and the transformer main body into the transformer oil tank together, they’ll become a whole, smaller in size, close to the oil-immersed transformer of the same capacity, which is 1/3 of the European-style transformer. It’s also called American container change or compact container change.


super freezer container 1
super freezer container



9. Operation of container substation


  1. The container substation should be placed on higher ground, not in a low-lying place, so as not to pour rainwater into the box and affect the operation of the equipment. When pouring the concrete platform, just leave a gap on the high and low voltage sides to facilitate the laying of cables in and out. When excavating the foundation, if rubbish or corroded soil accumulates, the solid soil must be dug and then backfilled with better soil quality, and then filled with cement concrete or road ridges to ensure a stable foundation.
  2. Containersubstation grounding and zeroing share a grounding grid. The grounding grid is generally used to build grounding piles at the four corners of the foundation, and then connect them as a whole. There must be two reliable connections between the container substation and the grounding grid. After the operation, always check the grounding connection to ensure that it is not loose or corroded. Measure the grounding resistance regularly, not more than 4Ω.
  3. The container substation is mainly cooled by natural wind circulation. Therefore, it is not allowed to pile up debris, especially the transformer room door, and the louver vents should be removed frequently to ensure that the equipment does not exceed the allowable temperature limit.
  4. After the low-voltage circuit breaker is tripped, the cause should be found out before power can be sent to prevent the accident from expanding.
  5. The high-voltage chamber of the container substation should be equipped with zinc oxide arresters, and the installation method should be convenient for testing and replacement.
  6. The ring network switch, transformer, arrester, and other equipment in the high-voltage room shall be inspected and maintained regularly, defects are found in time and dealt with in time, and insulation preventive tests shall be carried out on a regular basis. If it is out of service for more than 3 months, a preventive test of the whole project shall be carried out when it is put into operation again.
  7. To replace a high-voltage fuse without breaking capacity, the transformer must be powered off, the mechanical interlock must be correctly released during operation, and an insulated operating rod must be used.
  8. All inlet and outlet cable holes of container substations should be blocked to prevent small animals from breaking in and causing accidents.
  9. You must have warning signs of high voltage danger and nameplate numbers of electrical equipment.
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