The evolution of military special container shipping



The military special container is a container that is equipped for the military to transport materials, has a certain volume and durability, and can be used repeatedly during vehicle transportation. It is equipped with devices that facilitate quick loading, unloading and transshipment, and is an important transport equipment used in conjunction with various means of transport.


Container transportation has the advantages of economy, safety, reliability and punctuality and has little impact on the ecological environment. It is a typical representative of the development of modern transportation. With the gradual development of national container transportation, some military supplies are also gradually transported in containers, and the number is increasing year by year.

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Ⅱ.military special container transportation system


Military transportation is an important part of national transportation. Due to the limited transportation capacity of the army itself, especially in wartime, the transportation of a large number of materials mainly depends on the national transportation capacity. military special container transportation is no exception. To make military special container transportation truly realize the “door-to-door ” transportation from the origin of military products to the troops stationed there, it can be said that it cannot be discovered without being incorporated into the national container transportation system.


Container transportation needs to connect various production, supply, transportation, and sales (use) departments, and each vehicle has a link of “collection, loading, unloading, and dispersal”. military special container transportation must achieve such a complex and diverse land, sea and air. A complete cycle cannot be formed if it is not included in the national transportation system, nor can it reflect and give play to the advantages of military special container transportation. military special container transportation can also be said to only survive and develop in the national transportation system.


Ⅲ.Classification of military special containers


A box-shaped container with certain specifications used by the military is convenient for mechanical loading and unloading and is reusable. military special containers are usually divided into ordinary military special containers, special material containers, and combined containers.

  1. Ordinary military special containers are containers used for storing and transporting general military materials, such as military supplies and various equipment containers.
  2. Special material containers have special requirements for container manufacturing materials and internal structure. They are containers for storing and transporting special military materials, such as special ammunition, refrigeration, tank containers, etc.
  3. Air container is a cargo container used in air transportation. It is a special container designed and manufactured according to different models.
  4. Combined container is a small container made according to certain specifications and dimensions. Usually, 3 or 4 small containers can be connected to form a standard 20-foot container; small containers can be used in military and civilian general vehicles and handling equipment in tactical areas. Implementing a transportation guarantee can meet the operational requirements of 20-foot standard container civilian professional transportation and loading and unloading equipment.


Ⅳ.establish and improve the military and civilian management institutions


There are many departments and industries involved in military special container transportation. It is necessary to comprehensively use road, railway, waterway and air transportation. It is required to establish contact with the Ministry of Railways, Communications, and civil aviation. To adapt to other work: develop synchronously with personnel training and scientific research.


The use and operation of military special containers involve agencies and troops, and these tasks cannot be carried out smoothly without the coordination and management of an authoritative agency. To use military special containers reasonably, it is necessary to establish and improve a management organization that can respond quickly to military special container transportation activities at any time to give full play to the maximum efficiency of container transportation. This is also the key premise of developing our military special container transportation. To meet the needs of future combat support, it is necessary to rely on the national container transportation system to establish and improve the operation mechanism, management organization and information management system of military special container transportation.


Ⅴ.military special container Shipping System Visibility


Strengthening the visibility construction of the military special container transportation system is the urgent need of modern warfare for post-restraint protection. With the development of information technology and its application in the military, it is necessary to use information technology to digitize the technical data of the box and the name, quantity, destination and other information of the transported materials.


Collect container data promptly through transfer stations at all levels, or use advanced satellite tracking systems, such as satellite monitoring, radio frequency technology, and global satellite positioning systems, to visualize container transportation trajectory and material quantity to realize the storage and transportation system. Visual management.


Ⅵ.Improve the transportation system of military special containers


A sound legal system is an important guarantee for the organization and development of military special containers. Only by formulating a series of scientific, reasonable and coordinated regulations, can the transportation organization of military special container have rules to follow and embark on a benign operation track, and the benefits can be reflected.


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