Whatever your requirements, we provide customized service. With 20+ years’ industry experience, we offer world-class and life-long technical support from the beginning of the project to after-sales maintenance.

CIMC Yangzhou owns and operates the provincial certified R&D center with more than 120 engineers which focus on standard product improvement and new product customized design, Our engineering team consists of professional structural, electrical, plumbing, material, 3D design and quality verification technicians, capable of finalizing multiple drawings, specifications, data sheets, calculations, 30 pictures etc. to your requirements.

CIMC Engineering
CIMC Container Patent Certificate



CIMC Group B-level Technology Center
Jiangsu Province Recognized Enterprise Technology Center
High-tech enterprise certification
Institute-Enterprise Cooperation Center
Yangzhou Vocational and Technical College of Industry-CIMC Yangzhou Institute of Architectural Research
Yangzhou City Planning and Design Institute-CIMC Branch

Compatible Standards

research standards 1
research standards 2
research standards 3
Chinese GB CSA G40.20/21-04
AWS D1.1 AS/NZS 1170.2
BS EN ISO 15607 AS/NZS 2589
BS EN ISO 23278 AS 4100
EN 895 ISO 15614
EN 1291 JB4708
EN 1090-1 JGJ81
EN ISO 15609 AWS-D15.1
DIN EN ISO 5817 CSA W59-03(R2008)
SS-E AS 1851 AS/NZS 3008 IEC 60898-1
SS-T AS 2665 AS/NZS 3013 IEC 61008-1
AS 4508 AS/NZS 3000 AS/NZS 1276 IEC 61643-1
AS 1670 AS/NZS 1668 AS/NZS 1571 IEC 60947-3
AS 2293 AS/NZS 1768 AS/NZS 3760 CEC 2012
AS 3786 AS/NZS 2293 AS/NZS 3947 Chinese GB
AS 1668 AS/NZS 2381 IEC 60364 JGJ 16-2008
CSA C22.1 CSA C22.2/3 UL719 UL197
Plumbing AS 3500 NPCC 2010
Decoration NFC 2010 NBCC 2010
NCC 2013 CSA Z240
Explosion - proof
DNV 2.7-1 A-60 Fire Rating Zone 1 of flammable gas
hazardous atmosphere
Explosion-proof grade:
EXP IIBT3(+50- +10pa)
Air Pressurization tests
compatible with I EC 60079-13
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