Military Container

The convenience, mobility, and recyclability of military containers in transportation provide more complete packaging for high-tech products. CIMC Yangzhou Base Military Container is mainly widely used in military products, logistics services, military factories, etc.


Military Container is a container product customized according to the special purpose of the military. It needs to be customized from the size, steel structure material label, external coating, container shape, according to the characteristics of the equipment for special modification, such as adding internal insulation, heat dissipation, noise reduction, and other functions, to meet the military mobile transport Requirement.


Military Container is also known as military reefer container, military special container, military dry container, Army container, Army reefer container, Army special container, Army dry container, etc.


Dry cargo containers are usually airtight, which can effectively prevent any external factors from damaging the goods being transported. Army dry container Most standard dry cargo containers are made of steel. Some dry cargo containers are also made of aluminum. Aluminum dry cargo boxes have a slightly larger payload than steel dry cargo boxes.


A Logistic Equipment Container‘s dry cargo container is a standard shipping or cargo container that holds dry, temperature-insensitive cargo. They usually come in a 40ft size, but are also available in a 20ft size. The container is made of strong steel that can withstand wind, rain and sea water. In some cases, you can customize dry cargo containers to increase security or add functionality for special loads.

CIMC Yangzhou Base Military Container Introduction


  • CIMC Yangzhou Base Military Container is composed of ISO 1C 9-layer stacked refrigerated container and electric diesel integrated engine.
  • Military Container partitions the container and divides the internal space vertically into two or three areas, Refrigeration and Freezer.
  • The front end of the equipment is equipped with a lifting frame and a pull rod, which can be used with heavy tactical vehicles through the loading and unloading operation system.
  • Military containers can be used to distribute, store and operate perishable and relatively perishable daily necessities and food on the battlefield platform.



Military Container Process


  • Military Container adopts large plate design, welded steel structure frame, frame to meet the strength requirements of military cabin.
  • Military Container inner and outer skin are made of 3-5mm glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) sheet, surface without seams, corrosion resistance, salt spray resistance, anti-mold, anti-impact. The appearance is smooth and beautiful, the core material is made of polyurethane high insulation material, to achieve insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation effect.
  • Military Container frame surface spray container special anti-rust primer and topcoat (army green or camouflage color), the installation of anti-theft special trigeminal lock, but also according to the requirements of the demand side windows, design partitions, installation of attachments, etc.
  • Military Container is produced according to standard specifications, which is convenient for road, railway, helicopter transportation, and meet the requirements of flat drop, such as drop and drop test.


Military Container Benefits


  • The large scale of transport.
  • Strong system supporting.
  • Transportation is safe, economizing, fast and efficient.
  • Shorten the construction period, flexible movement, and convenient transportation.

CIMC Yangzhou Base Military Container is steel structure as a whole, strong and durable with strong shock resistance, deformation resistance, heat insulation, and fire protection, high reliability.

Army dry container includes


  • Storage volume container
  • Half-height container
  • Open top container
  • Double door container
  • Open side container
  • Tunnel container
  • flat frame

Army dry container is widely used. In addition to bulk international shipping, many convert unused shipping containers into innovative structures such as workstations, mobile clinics, retail stores, restaurants, food trucks, heavy equipment storage solutions, warehouses and even residences.


The advantages of use are as follows


  • It can be used repeatedly for a long time and has sufficient strength.
  • Transshipment on the way without moving the goods in the box, you can directly reload.
  • It can be quickly loaded and unloaded, and can be easily changed from one means of transportation to another.
  • It is very convenient to fill and unload the goods.
  • Large volume, load more goods.
  • Standard specifications, can be stacked in ports and ships, saving a lot of space.


Army special container


Army special container is a container product customized by customers according to special purposes. Special containers are customized in terms of size, steel structure material label, exterior coating, and container shape.


In addition, due to the harsh natural environment where the military special container is located, the container house is required to be strong and durable. The box body is a steel structure as a whole, which has strong earthquake resistance, deformation resistance, heat insulation and fire prevention, and high reliability.


Army special container application

  • Accommodation unit
  • Fully equipped kitchen unit
  • Fully equipped laundry unit
  • Fully equipped bakery unit
  • Mobile machinery workshop
  • Special workshop
  • Armory and Weapon Repair Shop
  • Barracks
  • Extensible office and command center
  • Sanitary system with shower and toilet facilities
  • Personnel and group training shelters
  • Medical shelter
  • Device shelter
  • Water purification device
  • Power generation device
  • Trailer mounting device
  • Solar installation


The Army special container is painted in camouflage, welded with thickened steel plates and steel columns, and uses a specially made thickened door. Mainly used for military material storage containers.


Modular equipment container houses can be quickly deployed and highly mobile, meeting the needs of special equipment erection and migration. In addition to being used as equipment and storage containers, beds can also be installed inside to be used as military camping containers.


Army reefer container working principle


To determine the correct temperature for your item, consider the following factors:


  • The type of items you are transporting and the temperature required to reach your destination safely.
  • The driving distance and conditions of the transportation route.
  • Whether you need continuous set temperature or cycle defrost temperature.
  • Regulatory requirements or quality standards for specific customers or companies.

Features of Army reefer container


They are designed to maintain the container’s temperature, humidity, and atmosphere at constant values throughout the transit time. There are 4 settings that must be considered when transporting refrigerated goods: temperature, ventilation, humidity, and drainage.


  • Temperature: All standard refrigerated containers are built to maintain the temperature of refrigerated and frozen cargo between +25°C and -25° A percentage of the world’s refrigerated fleet is also capable of maintaining temperatures at -35°C or below. Special containers (super freezers) keep the temperature at -70°C.
  • Ventilation: For refrigerated temperatures, air must always flow through the cargo to remove heat and gases. Therefore, the transport box used should be ventilated. Fruits and vegetables need fresh air ventilation. For refrigerated cargo, air must flow around the cargo. There must be no large gaps between the cargo, the wall, and the cargo itself. Goods should be stacked in blocks.
  • Humidity: Some products benefit from lower air humidity. The cooler has a dehumidification function that reduces the moisture content in the air. While some newer units can go as high as 50%, the standard is relative humidity (RH) between 60% and 85%.
  • Drains: These are used to drain excess water that may accumulate inside the container. Plus, they’re designed to keep water or insects out of the container.

 Army reefer container components include


  • Internal Fan: An internal fan located inside the cooler helps air flow to promote proper temperature control and stability.
  • Control Unit: The control unit allows you to set and adjust the internal atmosphere of the cooler, including temperature, alarm conditions, and in some cases ventilation and humidity levels.
  • Fresh Air Vents: The fresh air vents allow air to enter from the outside and allow any gases inside the container (such as ethylene gas from ripening fruit) to escape.
  • Unit Evaporators: Excessive moisture in coolers can damage products, accelerate food spoilage, and damage packaging, leaving contents vulnerable. The unit evaporator helps keep the moisture in the container. The refrigerated unit evaporator heats or cools the air that is circulated by the fan. Sometimes coolers need to heat the air to maintain a consistent internal temperature, which can be done using hot air heating or electric heating elements. Freezers can maintain temperatures up to 30°C (86°F). Whether it heats or cools the air depends on the desired internal temperature.
  • Condenser: The condenser may be air-cooled or water-cooled, but the industry usually uses air-cooled condensers. The air-cooled type draws cooled air from the top of the container and discharges it under the cargo, pushing the air to the rear door where it then rises by natural convection and flows back over the cargo to the return air vents of the refrigerated unit. As the air flows under the cargo, proper loading and covering as much floor as possible is essential to prevent the ‘chimney’ effect and short cycles.
  • Voltage transformers: Dual voltage transformers are also an option for some vessels, allowing operation at voltages as low as 200V 3ph.


20ft Army container features


  1. The production cycle of the cabinet is short and the service life is long.
  2. Easy to lift and move.
  3. The container has high process strength and is suitable for the installation of large electrical equipment.
  4. Order and design drawings completely according to the predetermined equipment model and purpose, which is more beautiful, practical, and flexible to use.
  5. Mobility: removable and reusable.
  6. Quick assembly: the manufacturing cycle is short and no foundation is required.
  7. Safety: Steel frame structure, windproof and shockproof.
  8. Durable: The outer wall of the steel plate is corrosion-resistant, acid-resistant, rust-free, and crack-free, with a service life of more than 20 years.
  9. Sound insulation and heat insulation: Air insulation design is adopted, which has good sound insulation and heat insulation effects.
  10. Beautiful: It can be designed into various shapes, the outer wall is rich in color, and the appearance is bright and beautiful.
  11. High quality and low price.


Army dry container maintenance details


  • Regularly paint: Because the container house is a kind of mobile activity room, the time of sunshine outside is longer, which will inevitably affect the peeling off of the paint on the box body, the phenomenon of paint falling or rusting. If this happens to the cabinet, it must be repainted in time.


  • Handle with care when handling: When moving or disassembling the container, do not throw the iron sheets randomly, but handle with care, otherwise deformation or paint peeling will occur.


  • The damage of the box should be repaired in time: the container house is made of steel, and it has been exposed to the sun and rain for a long time outside. It is inevitable that it will suffer some damage during use, such as the box door is deformed, it is not closed tightly, or it cannot be exposed to the rain. As well as the deformation and damage of the door hinges, it needs to be repaired and replaced in time so that it can function.

Military Container Application Scenarios


Military Container is widely used in field command system, army barracks, field communications, ordnance maintenance, field operations, etc.;

Medical cabin: to meet the needs of mobile hospitals, field hospitals, field wards, etc.

Cabin base station: integrated machine room, base station equipment, transmission, power supply, battery and other complete equipment;

Co-supply cabins: Solve the problems of border guards, energy security and command organs of island troops, wartime electricity use in field hospitals and heating, air conditioning and bathing in some important rooms.


Reasons for choosing CIMC Yang zhou Base container


1. Strong and trustworthy


  • Has been engaged in the construction of cold storage projects for many years, has rich experience, and can undertake cold storage projects of different industries and scales.
  • So far, thousands of cold storage projects have been successfully built with a good reputation and high credibility
  • Possess a complete project team for equipment, technology, piping, structure, construction, HVAC, etc.

2. Complete qualifications and reliable guarantee


  • With electromechanical installation qualification, pressure vessel, pressure pipeline special equipment installation and transformation license and other industry access qualifications.
  • There are certified personnel in all aspects of cold storage design, cold storage cost, and so on.
  • Possess the ISO9001 quality management system certification 3A level enterprise credit qualification certificate.

3. Independent production, high cost performance


  • Own factory, self-developed, and designed refrigeration units, customized according to engineering requirements.
  • The cold storage has high refrigeration efficiency, environmental protection, and energy saving, which can effectively reduce operating costs.
  • Materials, electrical appliances, fittings, and pipelines are all well-known brands in the industry, with high reliability.


4. Intimate service, giving you peace of mind


  • Maintenance service: Under normal circumstances, we will feedback within 24 hours after receiving the requirement from the customer for repair.
  • Maintenance service: The unit is guaranteed for 1 year after installation and commissioning.
  • Maintenance: According to customer requirements, come to check the operation status of the equipment at any time.
  • Technical support: telephone or on-site answers to equipment operation methods. After maintenance, regular telephone call back visits by special personnel.


Military Container Data Sheet


External length 6,058 mm
Outside width 2,438 mm
External height 2,438 mm
Deadweight 6,076 kg
Carrying capacity 17,924 kg
Maximum total weight 24,000 kg
Internal length 5,103mm
Internal width 2,260 mm
Interior height 2,066 mm
Rear door opening (width) 2,196mm
Rear door opening (high) 2,061mm
Internal volume  23.0m3


Military Container Flysheet


We, CIMC container Yangzhou base is the subsidiary of China International Marine Containers (Group) Co, Ltd.(CIMC)

CIMC container Yangzhou is consit of 3 companies: TLC, RYC and Tailee, with more than 25 years` experience for container and innovative products` design and manufacturing. 

ISO standard/Special dry container, ISO standard/Special reefer container, containerized integration and modular buildings.

We have totally 400,000m2 factory area, and 8 flexible production lines
Annual capacity:  150,000 TEU ISO/Special containers,  20,000 units modules
Staffs: 2,500
Annual Revenue: 2 Billion(RMB)

Pls contact us through:
*  Inquiry module in our website
* E-Mail:
* Phones marked in the website contact page

We have standard product for ISO/Special container and Modular Buildings, we will reply you quickly with the quotation for such kind of product.

We also focus on the customized and both developed product,  the quotation will be sent after mutual discussion for detailed requirement.

We have various ISO and economical products, as well as the complex highly customized ones, the lead time is in range of 20 to 90 days, we will further discuss with you to confirm during both communication.

We have professional QC team to trace each production course and ensure the product quality from parts fabrication to final completion. We will provide the quality qualified document before delivery.

The third party inspection and certificates company could also be employeed as both agreement, we also welcome the client to send representative to visit our company for the course and final inspection before product delivery.

We locates besides local Yangzhou port, the products could be transported through local port to Shanghai port, then to final destination port allover the world.
If batch order, we can also deliver from the local port directly to destination port.

Besides the sea transportation,  road, railway even aircraft delivery is also available for part of the product and countries, we have professional logistic team to take charge of the service.

Standard product:    1 year for structure, 3 years for painting.

The customized product warranty will be discussed by both parties.

ClMC Yangzhou adheres to strict quality control and continuous innovation. With more than 20 years development, we attained ISO certifications, third party factory approvals, specific product & operator certificates, as well as various awards and patents issued by various levels of government and related associations.

ISO 9001
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 14001
ISO 45001
ISO 45001
ABS Certificate
ABS Certificate
CSS Certificate
CSS Certificate
LR Factory Certificate
LR Factory Certificate
RS Factory Certificate
RS Factory Certificate

CIMC Yangzhou operates full sets of self-contained production lines: Raw material treatment, parts cutting, punching and welding, general assembly, painting, decoration (for modular units). Total manufacturing area of more than 200,000 ㎡, annual capacity: 150,000 special containers / 20,000 modular units.

Big scale automatic production line for containers

containers pre treatment
containers pre treatment
containers cutting & punching
containers cutting & punching
containers parts welding
containers parts welding
containers general assembly
containers general assembly
containers robot welding
containers robot welding
containers automatic sanding and painting
containers automatic sanding and painting
containers storage yard
containers storage yard
containers storage yard
containers storage yard

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